Ugandan Scientists’ COVID-19 Drug Healing Patients, says Museveni

President Museveni has revealed Uganda is edging closer to winning the war on COVID-19 with a treatment trial showing patients were being healed.

“Our scientists have given me the good news that they have developed seven wonderful products, six of which are under trial, and one, an immune booster is already being used,” said Museveni in a televised national address this Sunday.

“The first three are all anti-virals- killing the virus and limiting the damage of the virus to the body,” he added.

“The scientists have told me that dozens of people have been healed by these substances but, starting December 15, 2020, patients under strict medical supervision will have this medicine tried on them,” he added.

At least 210 people have been killed by Coronavirus in Uganda since the outbreak of the pandemic earlier this year.

Several companies in United States and Europe have since announced discovery of COVID-19 vaccines.

Museveni today quoted scientists as saying that “within 40 days, enough patients will have been treated to convince other persons that are not part of the trials that the drug works against COVID-19 and other viruses.”

He added: “The fourth exciting product is a bronchial dilator- a drug that will keep your lung airways open without the need to use the ventilators that cause so much damage to other body parts where they are inserted.”

Rubaga and Mulago hospitals recently acquired two modern mobile ventilators to help in the evacuation of critically ill COVID-19 patients from lower to higher level treatment facilities.

The ventilators, worth over sh400m, are a donation from a German charity organisation — Malteser international.

Museveni said with the innovations, patients will not need ventilators.

He added: “Our scientists have also developed two diagnostic tents- one which uses saliva and can give results in 30 minutes. There is always opportunity in adversity.” 

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