Ugandan Pregnant Woman In UAE Cannot Be Repatriated Until She Reveals the Father

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has revealed that one of four women who recently appeared on social media desperate to return to Uganda, will not be repatriated until she resolves pending questions about her pregnancy.

The ministry said it was willing to help the four women who showed up at the Ugandan embassy late in the night after working hours.

Ugandan Ambassador to UAE H.E Zaake Kibedi in a statement, said the ladies in the video had been assisted but noted that one of them who is pregnant couldn’t be repatriated unless she presented the man responsible for her pregnancy.

To assist the pregnant lady without presenting the man responsible for the pregnancy, Kibedi said was against the laws of UAE.

“The pregnant lady in the video, Ms Kaliyaka Dorothy’s case is complicated in that she is required to bring along her partner who is responsible for the pregnancy as per the laws of UAE. The Embassy does not abet violations of host country laws. But it is engaging the host country to see how she can be assisted,” said Kibedi.

For the case of Ms Jesca Nansubuga Namukasa who also features in the video, Kibedi said she was assisted and was supposed to return home on March 20th 2020 but when she reached at Dubai International Airport she refused to board a plane.

“The Embassy unfortunately cannot do anything to someone who has refused to return home, but wishes to give others a chance to,” said Kibedi.

The Ambassador also stated that Ugandans in UAE are assisted through a humanitarian city where there is a facility for such purpose in line with host Government’s recent policy because of COVID-19 outbreak.


The facility however he said is full to capacity and cannot accommodate any more people. This he said is because there has been no additional repatriation and yet there are over 20 new arrivals on a daily basis.

“The facility cannot accommodate any more people until repatriation takes place. The UAE Authorities have not issued any authorization for additional admission until some space is created for repatriation,” he said.

Two weeks ago, the Government of Uganda halted further repatriation of Ugandans stranded abroad to decongest quarantine centers. The exercise resumes today Saturday 18th July 2020 with 216 returnees arriving from Qatar aboard Qatar airways and 272 arriving from the United States aboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight.


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