Ugandan Photojournalist Tony Babara Jailed in Rwanda.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau has said a Ugandan Photojournalist, Tony Babara, better known among his peers as Natty Dread was arrested on 14th Feb in the Capital Kigali over drug related offences.

Babara was reportedly in Kigali to cover a music performance by Kassav band on Valentine’s Day at Kigali Convention Centre. The show was attended by the First Lady Jeannette Kagame.

According Michelle Umuhoza, the Investigation’s body spokesperson, Natty Dread’s file was forwarded to the prosecution.

“He was arrested on 14th Feb on drug related offences. His file is with prosecution you can contact them for more information,” Umuhoza told Chimpreports.

When pressed further if he was trafficking or using and the type of drugs, Umuhoza said the law does not allow her to talk about cases that have been sent to prosecution.

Rwanda’s State Prosecution Spokesperson promised to get back to use after checking the case progress.

Umuhoza further noted that the Uganda Mission in Kigali was informed as is the norm when any foreigner is arrested.

The deputy head of mission Ann Katusiime when contacted noted that they had been informed.


“Yes the mission is aware and we visited him. RIB has all details,” she said.

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