Ugandan Muslims Launch War on Terrorism, Rebel Activities

Ugandan Muslim believers, find as part of their obligation to preach against bad acts that tarnish the name of their religion have started a crusade meant to declare war on terrorism and rebel related activities.

Preaching during Juma prayers at Masjid Swidiq, Mengo-Kisenyi in Kampala, Sheikh Suleiman Guggwa said on many occasions terrorism and Islam have been mixed up insisting it is wrong because Muslims are not terrorists.

“Security personnel   on many occasions harass Muslim believers because of their dress code, or appearance .They tend to think Muslims are terrorists. Yes some of them are terrorists but they do that not as believers but for their own selfish interests,” the Muslim cleric told worshippers on Friday afternoon.

He said many  believers have gone ahead to kill fellow Muslims plus  non-Muslims all in the name of the Islamic faith stressing it is wrong and against the Holy book  which advocates for tolerance.

Sheikh Guggwa said on many occasions terrorists have hidden behind Islam and bombed churches killing many non –Muslims and hating others which he said is a sin punishable by the Almighty Allah.

“These groups like Al Quaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Shabaab all have selfish interests and do not represent the Islamic faith. How can someone who says fights for religion kill fellow believers at the holy place of Medina? That is unacceptable,”he fumed.

“There is no verse in the Quran neither is it in Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)’s  teachings that non-Muslims should be killed. No one has a right to declare others Kafirs (non believers). They both emphasized tolerance, peace and harmony of all people.”

 Sheikh Suleiman Guggwa
Sheikh Suleiman Guggwa

The Muslim Cleric said that those calling for extremism in Islam are self seekers who he stressed are tarnishing the name of the religion which is against the preaching of Prophet Muhammad and the Holy book.


Rebel Activities

The Muslim leader also condemned those he termed as wrong elements in the religion who want to instigate radicalism and encourage believers to join subversive activities against government whom he said  have no place in the religion.

Sheikh Guggwa said whoever wants to promote rebel-like activities in the name of religion ought to be condemned and reported to authorities for action.

“We should see the light and desist from such activities. We enjoy our freedoms as Muslims. We pray 5 times a day. We fast and on top of all that we are free to worship our Allah. What would now make you join rebel activities?”

“We should learn to be tolerant and if we are not okay with the current government, then we can abide by the laws so the one we want finds us alive.”

Another believer Najib Ssonko said that extremism and rebel activities ought to be condemned by all Muslims for they are intended to tarnish the religion’s name stressing that they should be desisted by everyone.

“Terrorism and rebel activities have no place in Islam and should not be allowed anywhere near our circles. Islam is a religion of love and peace but not bloodshed. We need to promote peace and tolerance,” Ssonko told believers.

Speaking on behalf of the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, ASP Muzafaru Zirabamuzaale told believers that they should at all time desist from any wrong elements who would wish to lure them into terror related activities.

He urged them to always report anyone suspected of being part of the wrong elements with intentions of disrupting peace and stability.

He said that it is everyone’s right to live peaceful in the country.

According to Sheikh Guggwa, they are going to  move the crusade against terrorism around the country urging believers to desist from extremism and rebel activities.

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