Ugandan Musicians Who Escaped Being “Dummies”

Ever since the breakout of war between singers Sheebah Karungi and Cinderella Sanyu weeks back, the word dummy has been the talk of the town used to define musicians who are signed to record labels.

According to Cindy, Musicians signed to record labels are equivalent to dummies, since all they do is sit down as the labels do the rest of the hard job.

We see, according to google, a dummy is an object designed to resemble and serve as a substitute for the real or usual one or a model of replica of a human being.

Despite having a number of record labels and bands, a number of musicians have decided to run away from them so as to grow by themselves or simply to avoid being called dummies.

Below are some of a few artists that stood the risk of leaving the good lie of being under a label to hustle hard for their career.

Cindy Sanyu

The ‘king herself’ as she prefers to be called, is one of the musicians that were dropped off her group as she was on holiday with former boyfriend and was later replaced by Mya.

Cindy was one of the founding members of the all-girl singing group Blu*3 and was replaced, forcing her to forge life as a solo singer.


Blu*3 was managed by Steve Jean after winning the TV Show Coca Cola pop stars in 2004 and the group broke apart in 2010, due to indifferences between the remaining members.

Not a surprise to many, the ‘Ayokya yokya’ singer is the only sounding musician from the band right now.

Radio And weasel

These two songbirds were one of the longest singing duos in the country, even after breaking up from their first label Leonel Island.

They were later signed by Jeff Kiwa and later changed name to the goodLyf boys.

This saw their music career boast to a point that, they were the first Ugandans to be nominated for the prestigious BET Awards despite not winning.

This however, did not stop them from spreading their wings as they went to seek independence from Kiwa in 2014 to start singing on their own.

Despite many seeing it as a setback in their career, the duo went on to release hit songs until Radio’s death in February 2018.

Ykee Benda

This sensational singer stole people’s hearts after remixing his ‘farmer’ song with Team No Sleep queen Sheebah.

He was signed under Badi world but later exited in 2017 to form his own label named ‘Mpaka’ Records for reasons he kept for himself.

He has since signed fellow singers to his label and built a studio of his own. He is also preparing his first ever concert this March at Serena Hotel.

A Pass

The controversial singer was signed under Bashir Lukyamuzi’s Badi world for over six years, producing numerous hit songs.

However in 2017, together with producer Nessim, A Pass left the salaama based label to form their own studio dubbed ‘Tokya.’

Pia Pounds

She might not need to be on this list, but she was one of the musicians who deserved to be on the dummy side.

The light skinned beauty came to lime light when ‘Big talent’ boss eddy Kenzo introduced her as her latest signing in 2018.

The singer was however more famous for her scandals with Kenzo than her music which forced her to quit the label to make a name out of her music, not giving her manager a chance to unveil her talent.

We have since not heard a lot from her, although photos of her having a good life, are seen everywhere on social media.

Rema Namakula

The dimpled singer was one of the vocalists in Bebe Cool’s Gagamel label, before becoming a singer.

She made several collabos with Bebe cool before quitting to start her single career. She has since released hits and made collabos with many artists.

Despite being at logger heads with the former boss, the mother of one has always confirmed that she will be bigger than Tiwa Savage one day.

Irene Ntale

Who talks about quitting a label and leaves behind, this song bird was one of the most successful singers of the muyenga based Swangz Avenue.

Despite having other artists, the label was more concerned in improving her career. This however changed when a new singer was signed under the same label.

According to reports, it was the competition between her and Nwagi that led to her break-free in 2017, running for her career.

Her exit was not welcomed by the label, that they denied her access to her official social media pages weeks to her concert.

The singer is now managed by her little sister Sandra Ntale.


This trio was one of the recent singers that broke off their longtime manager Andy Events due to money related issues.

According to the singers, the manager wasn’t paying them for over three years, hence leaving to fight for their future.

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