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Ugandan Military Warns New Rebel Movement

A highly trained team of military intelligence officials with substantial experience in classified counter insurgency operations has been commissioned to undertake a key investigation into the existence and subversive activities of Super Coalition Against Despots (SCAD), an alleged rebel movement in Uganda.

The group, which claims having operational bases in Uganda and the Diaspora, revealed its spokesperson as Joel Wakayima in an audio clip making rounds on WhatsApp groups.

An investigation by ChimpReports indicates that Wakayima, who lives in Netherlands, has previously called for war against President Museveni’s government – accusing it of corruption and crushing dissent.

He also was among some activists who attempted to drag President Museveni’s government to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged human rights abuses.

His friends tell us Wakayima retains strong links with Dr Aggrey Kiyingi, a Ugandan cardiologist based in Australia.

Government accuses the wealthy doctor of funding subversive activities in Uganda, a claim he vehemently denies.

UPDF Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire told us in an exclusive interview, “The Security forces are investigating this so called SCAD to establish its actual existence.”

Asked to describe the nature of inquiry being carried out, Karemire responded: “It will be a holistic investigation.”


The investigating officers will seek to establish SCAD’s source of funds, recruitment and training links, military strength, political connections and membership.

In the audio, which SCAD urges its supporters to share widely, the suspected rebel group takes blame for the “deteriorating situation” in Uganda and vows to “attack and kill” family members and supporters of President Museveni.

Describing itself as a group of “fearless,” “determined” and “unstoppable” fighters, SCAD also says it will prove that Museveni’s so-called strong security system is an “empty slogan.”

It further says “Uganda shall be free through sweat, blood and iron” and that “Museveni’s quack government must fall.”

The group boasts of having “established NGOs” and “held meetings in Uganda and abroad” on toppling Museveni.

It describes the Ugandan Parliament and judiciary as “bogus” and unable to advance the cause of the “suffering” Ugandans.

The group says Museveni “can no longer guarantee your security because he is also not sure of his. We have infiltrated his best security.”

It remains unclear if SCAD will make good on its promise but UPDF is leaving no stone unturned to avert a potential conflict in the country.

The threats of war come against the backdrop of heightened political tension in the country with opposition fighting to stop the planned amendment of the constitution to lift the presidential age limit of 75 years.

The development also comes high on the heels of increased killings of women in Wakiso district in the last few months.

As the opposition plans for protests this week against the lifting of the presidential age limit, sources say the military will play a key role to mitigate the crisis.

‘SCAD won’t succeed’

Brig Karemire says the basis of the investigation into SCAD’s operations is that “someone somewhere is sounding war drums to disrupt peace and security.”

He, however, warned that no rebel movement would ever succeed in a violent regime change in the country.

“We, however wish to reassure the public that no rebel movement will succeed,” warned Karemire.

“In the past, the UPDF working with the people and taking advantage of its now superior capabilities, have defeated groups like LRA, UPA, FOBA, NALU etc,” he added.

Karemire emphasised that “any path they take to achieve their objective if at all they exist, must follow the constitution. There is no short cut.”

He concluded: “Constitutional matters are resolved in parliament by the people’s representatives.”

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