Ugandan Killed by South Sudanese Refugees in Lamwo Land Fight

Police in Lamwo have arrested 5 people of South Sudanese origin, in connection to the death a man identified as James Nunuka, a resident of Palabek in Lamwo district.

The deceased was killed in a revenge attack by a group of Nuer refugees who are living in the Zone 4 block of Palabek Refugee settlement.

It is alleged that on the June 23rd, 2020, two refugees one Otim Paul, a Langi by tribe and Mr.  Kong Duok had a quarrel at a drinking joint over land given to them by Opira Moses, the LC 1 chairman of Akwoto central ward at Palabek-Ogili sub-county.

Opira had reportedly given the land to Kong Duok, but Otim also went and ploughed the same land, claiming he paid for it.  The matter was later resolved by chairman Opira, who gave another plot to Mr. Kong.

This however, incensed Otim who later picked a panga and attacked Kong, seriously injuring him. The latter was rushed to Kitgum general hospital for treatment.

The Nuer community, in a revenge attack for their injured colleague then mobilized themselves; and armed with pangas and hand-hoes, they went to attack Otim.

On the way however, them met in a maize plantation they found James Nunuka, a mentally challenged man and they started beating him until he died.

Police spokesman for Aswa region Jimmy Patrick Okema says Nanuka was killed only because he was a Ugandan.


The madder case has been registered under file number CRB 112/2020

Okema added that Police later arrested 5 people who are prime suspects in the murder of the deceased.

Those arrested include; Rebecca Bol, Moses Kati Badiu, a former Lieutenant in SPLA, Peter Matayi, Kong Jal and Kong Jal and Gautwok Long

The body of the deceased has been taken to Padibe HC IV for Post-mortem as investigations carry on.


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