Ugandan Female Comics Dedicate ‘Arise Woman Comedy Jam’ Show To Charity

Women’s day was appropriately celebrated on Friday night at the ‘Arise Woman Comedy Jam’ organized by stand -up comedian Agnes Akite held at Theatre Labonita.

Unlike other comedy shows that have taken over Kampala nights at different hangout spots,which are often aimed at yielding profits,’Arise Woman Comedy Jam’ is the not the type,as Akite announced to the fans that all proceeds from the show,will go towards a charitable course.

First of its kind, ‘Arise Woman Comedy Jam’ show is an event set up to celebrate and highlight challenges that Women face in their day to day lives.

A good comedy has more to offer than just laughs. Following the ‘Arise Woman Comedy 1st episode, one would really think they hadn’t just gone to laugh but grasp information regarding how society treats Women in everyday life.

When you reached Theatre Labonita, your ears would be welcomed by soothing live music and comedy, whose subject matter was “Women.”

The show had an all-female comedians line up in the spirit of the Women’s Day celebration with the likes of  Gladys Titin, Flower Gal, Leila Kachapizo, Dora, Rich mouth, The Fun Factory ladies and many others who kept it hilariously real and honest as they delivered a remarkable performance.

The night’s act was dominated by Nancy Kobusheshe, who talked about love, sex relationships, marriage, Trans-gender and Money among others.

Nancy Kobusheshe entertaining revelers

The crowd’s favorite was Gladys Titin, who sent everyone into a rib-cracking frenzy with her MP and Miss Curvy contest jokes.


Titin joked about her self being fit to indulge in any solar company advert due to the nature of her fore head.

The comic also went ahead displaying her God given ‘gift’ her (bum), what she termed as a ‘flat screen.’

Not wanting to be out competed,Flower Gal equally gave justice to love,relationships among others, that left fans half dead with laughter.

They clearly indicated that humor is so much more than just the meaning of words used in sentences; rather it’s about the places we live in and the people who are with us.

They brought in events in the past and the present, these ladies, (more so the upcoming comics), as if they were purposely trained for that particular show as they all did their best.

All female acts pose for the group photo

They explored community problems in a funny way. In other words, fans were left with no doubt that; funny stories are about the society in which they are created.

Comedy may be subjective, but everyone loves a good laugh. Whether its function is to educate, enlighten or simply entertain, a good joke is one of the most powerful communication tools we have.

We can be very sure that, everyone who attended ‘A rise Woman Comedy Jam’ show was able to grasp the messages intended to enlighten them about Women issues clearly, which Akite and her colleagues did very well.

While closing the action pact show, Akite thanked the sponsors for enabling the show happen and equally applauded the fans for showing up in big numbers.

“This is the first of its kind and we are grateful to all our sponsors especially Tusker Malt for supporting our show. The Comedy Jam will continue to bring you the best annual hilarious production ever in Kampala,” said Akite.

Revelers ended the night enlightened and asking for more spontaneously improvised skits as they couldn’t have enough.

The show that ended at exactly 11 Pm was filled with tremendous laughter and over flow of Tusker Malt drinks throughout the night.

For sure, if you like comedy that is simple but also clever, then Arise Woman Comedy Jam,’ gives you exactly that because they use humor to spice up their jokes in order to accommodate every person, irrespective of ones’ education ,age and sex.

You won’t dare miss next year’s episode.


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