Ugandan Engineer Builds ‘Successful’ Search Engine App

With the speed at which the world is going digital through the use of the Internet and smart phones, story it is becoming easier for the public to access information, see sell and buy products online, meet and make friends with new people, find jobs among many other benefits.

The fruits of digital migration have already been witnessed all over the world, with evidence of married couples that met over social media, business deals that are contracted and closed over the internet and the increasing number of people whose employment is online.

The challenge in this however, lies in the ease with which these services can be accessed owing to the fact that there is a lot of activity online and that the Internet is full of fraudsters.

Search engines like Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo among others have tried to aggregate information to ease access although challenges still exist in the same especially in African countries.

A Ugandan brewed search app ‘Search’ has also made a move to ease information access through aggregating results from different search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others in one search app returning the most relevant results.

The app provides the user with results from all the search engines in just one click and the results show their sources to enable the user to choose the most suitable.

ChimpReports caught up with Mike Nsereko, a software engineer and developer of the Search app to get a deeper insight of the services that the platform offers.

Nsereko graduated from Sikkim Manipal University in India with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Information Technology. He also holds a 3years Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering from Aptech Computer Education.


The ‘Search’ app has gained popularity worldwide and is available on the Google play store with over 40,000 downloads; the sixth most popular search app on Google play store upon searching with the keyword “search” and is locally enjoying the same amount of fame as the other major Ugandan apps such as the NewVision official app, Daily Monitor e-Paper app or NTV Go Mobile.

Search results are returned in different categories to anable the user access information with ease
Search results are returned in different categories to anable the user access information with ease

According to Nsereko, that is not the limit, he boasts of another app which on top of entertainment provides a wide range of other services including connecting, networking and advertising, free music promotion, booking, dating services, jobs listing and recruiting, and African Videos streaming but that is a story for another day.

On what inspired him to put the app together, Nsereko says he noted that “different search engines return divergent results of the same search keyword(s) due the way the search engines crawl and index the Internet, coupled with existing competition amongst search engines”, he adds that he saw an opportunity of merging their divergent results into a single result list.

on a random search, the app returns, a big number of results collected from the other search engines
on a random search, the app returns, a big number of results collected from the other search engines

Product Sustainability:

Being a free service, it raises curiosity on how he plans to cover the operational costs. He revealed that the whole project incurs recurring costs every month that are covered by the revenue from advertising alongside the search results.

Many young developers are coming up with great ideas but most of them tend to lack a business strategy that will sustain their products once they become operational.

However, Nsereko says he can raise operational costs from other side activities too that he is involved in, including website development, domain registration and web, app and email hosting, mobile app development both Android and iOS.

Mike Nsereko
Mike Nsereko

On why youths in Uganda find it hard in the field of IT and innovation, he says “the major problem is the lacking environment in terms of finances, market and mentorship.”

He advised the government and local angel investors to put more focus on youth empowerment and financing innovations to motivate the young innovators so as to profit from innovations eventually.

Asked about the challenges that he is facing so far, Nsereko says the biggest of them is “the weak Shilling against the Dollar; you know we lease our servers in Dollars.”

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