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Ugandan Cops Praised for Exceptional Performance in Somalia

The African Union has feted a contingent of Ugandan Individual Police Officers (IPOs) serving in its Somalia mission, there http://crijpa.fr/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp-for-wp/includes/class-request.php for their distinguished service.

The IPOs were awarded certificates of recognition after completing one year tour of duty in Somalia, http://colosseo.com.br/wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php training and mentoring Somali Police Force (SPF) officers.

“I want to congratulate you and on behalf of AMISOM and the AMISOM Police Commissioner I want to say you have done a great job,” African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) Deputy Police Commissioner, Christine Alalo, said at a ceremony held in their honour this past weekend.

Ms Alalo hailed the Ugandan government for its Pan African spirit, saying African countries must help one another overcome problems and challenges facing the continent.

Present at the function was the AMISOM Police Chief of Staff, Rex Dundun; the AMISOM Police Coordinator of Training and Development, Francis Aryee and Contingent Commanders of other Police Contributing Countries (PCCs).

AMISOM’s Deputy Commissioner noted that the officers had defied odds and helped transform the SPF into a better institution.

Individual police officers are tasked with the duty of mentoring officers of the Somali Police Force at various police stations.

The AMISOM Police Chief of Staff, Rex Dundun, lauded the Ugandan policemen for their diligence and discipline, which, he said, contributed to their excellent performance.


“I can say authoritatively they have performed exceedingly well. They have been very professional; they have held various positions in the mission and some of them due to their performance have been asked to extend their tour of duty. We have not had any complaints. In terms of discipline, they have been exceptional,” AMISOM Police Chief of Staff Dundun noted.

AMISOM Police Coordinator of Training and Development, Francis Aryee congratulated the officers, saying they had lived up to the expectations of the mission.

“We congratulate this contingent from Uganda for having done its bit. They have worked assiduously, they have worked conscientiously, they have worked committedly, they have worked dedicatedly and above all, they have been disciplined.”

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