Ugandan Comedians Spice up Uganda Independence Celebrations in Kigali

At around midday this Friday, try the RwandAir aircraft carrying a slim Ugandan man touched down at Kigali International Airport.

Clad in a sky blue shirt, the jolly Daniel Omara was chauffeured to his hotel room in Rwanda’s spotless capital city.

He is the man that would seven hours later bring the city to a standstill. All roads Friday night led to the Ugandan Ambassador’s residence in the leafy suburb of Nyarutarama, Kigali, Rwanda for the 54th Independence week comedy night.

The event attracted Ugandans and friends of Uganda from all walks of life – diplomats, government officials, journalists and businessmen.

Amb. Richard Kabonero
Amb. Richard Kabonero

Stand-up comedy star Omara took to the podium amid a standing ovation from the audience. He did not disappoint. Using provocative humor, Omara did not only leave guests massaging hurting ribs but tactfully marketed the budding Ugandan entertainment industry in a foreign country.

His most infectious joke was that impeached UPC president Olara Otunnu had his property robbed simply because of his failure to use simple English to communicate to police. He ‘quoted’ Otunnu as telling police on a 911 line that he was being ‘forcefully deprived of my belongings’.

Prince Wasajja in attendance
Prince Wasajja in attendance

Yet, said Omara, the politician should have simply said he was being ‘robbed’ to allow police take a swift action. Dark-skinned comedian Cotilda also was in the house, keeping the fire burning with her jokes about the shortcomings of beautiful and light-skinned women. Decently-dressed couples were visibly excited as they enjoyed wine and snacks.

Ambasador Richard Kabonero was applauded by speaker after speaker for building and consolidating strong relations between Uganda and Rwanda whose trade volume currently stands at about $200m. The Kigali mission charter involves the promotion of trade and tourism, cross border investments, looking after the welfare of the diaspora as well as promotion of integration and elimination of non-tariff barriers among others.



Kabonero, whose function attracted Ambassadors from Ghana, Kenya, Egypt and Burundi; told guests the comedy night would sell Ugandan talent to Rwanda for business opportunities. The Jazz band music soothed hearts of the excited Ugandans before taking to the dance floor.

Guests gracefully shook their bodies to thrilling Ugandan music; the most exciting song being Agatako (souvenir) – a collabo by Rwandan and Ugandan singers.

The night grew younger, courtesy of the wine, as guests shared experiences and talked business. The long night of fun ended Saturday morning with a dance at K-Club.

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