Ugandan Car Bonds Are Selling Stolen Cars, Warns Interpol

Former Leader of Opposition Nathan Nandala Mafabi who is standing for the FDC Secretary General position and the majority’s favorite has promised to work cordially with his known nemesis and Party President Gen Mugisha Muntu, cost website once elected.

Mafabi made the revelation during a thrilling two minutes campaign for the SG at UMA Show Grounds Lugogo where the FDC is holding its National Delegates` Conference to elect new leaders to steer the party ahead of the next five years.

Mafabi who stood and lost to Gen. Muntu and lost in the 2012 party Presidential Elections, more about explicitly stated that those saying he is inclined at destroying  FDC are the ones instead destroying the party since he has been doing all he could to build the party.

“Whoever is saying I am destroying the FDC is the one destroying our party. I have doing all my best for the good of FDC and indeed seen by most of you, about it ” Mafabi said.

“I respected the party decision when our honorable delegates decided that it was not yet my time to serve and my brother Gen. Muntu was elected to be the party president. I have no problem with Muntu and I am going to work with him.”

Mafabi added that to the contrary with most people`s views, he has no personal issues with Gen. Muntu or any other FDC party official or member.

“People have talked and talked that I don’t like Muntu. I have nothing personal against my brother Muntu or anyone in FDC.” Mafabi added.
The Director of Interpol in Uganda Asan Kasingye has cautioned Ugandans who purchase already used vehicles to always ensure that their status is verified. This he said could keep them safe from buying stolen vehicles unknowingly.

Kasingye was Friday morning addressing a press briefing on the results of the joint operation against transnational crimes which was carried on 4th and 5th of June.


The operation code named ‘Usalama One’ follows a resolution reached by a meeting of Eastern Africa Police chiefs last year in Mombasa. The 25 member states of Eastern and Southern Police Cooperation all carried out this operation simultaneously.

The target crime areas in this operation included human trafficking, tadalafil drug trafficking, this environmental crimes, mineral smuggling, and terrorism and motor vehicle theft.

The operation registered 7 stolen vehicles whose chassis numbers were run through the Interpol SMV database. Some of the stolen vehicles were found in car bonds like Auto Link and Kings Auto while a Mercedese Benz was recovered at Entebbe airport.

Kasingye said that Interpol Uganda has sought assistance of specialists from UK’s National Crime Agency to help on cross border motor vehicle thefts.

3 human trafficking cases were registered and 8 victims were rescued 2 of which were victims of migrant smuggling. One person was arrested for smuggling.

Concerning drug trafficking, 700 grams of cocaine were seized in a vehicle at the airport while 41 sticks of cannabis were seized and 12 suspects apprehended. Operatives also destroyed 64 acres of cannabis in Busia.

17 guns were seized, 3 of which were detective while 14 were unmarked. Most of these guns were found with private security firms like Rhino security, Premier Security Ltd, Top Security and Pentagon Security.

In environmental cases, a total of 584kgs of raw ivory were seized at Entebbe Airport concealed as videography equipment while 210kgs of worked ivory (crafted in art pieces) was also seized. 1 rhino horn was recovered in Kabuyanda, Insingiro district estimated at a cost of UgShs 50M. Operatives also seized 5 pieces of lion canines and a hipopotamus tooth.

Kasingye noted that most of these cases do not generate from Uganda but rather Uganda specifically Entebbe airport is used as a conduit for these crimes.

He commented on the laws against such crimes which he said are still weak.


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