Ugandan Blogger’s Xenophobic Video Prank Sparks World Outrage

A Ugandan social blogger based Sweden has shocked the world after releasing a video in which he poses as a South African gangster behind the recent xenophobic attacks on fellow Africans.

Peng Peng has recently become a household name, thanks to the provocative videos and messages he dishes out to thousands of his fans on his Facebook page PENG PENG VIBES.

The YouTube video which came out on Tuesday has gone viral over the internet especially in the USA, Nigeria,  South Africa and many other countries across the world.

Peng Peng says he was trying to imitate the xenophobic gang leaders, but it appears the world is taking the video seriously.

In a forged South African accent, Peng Peng who names himself Masoukuzuma in the video, claims he has killed 7 African foreigners.

He goes ahead to warn that his gang would continue to slay foreigners until they are entirely wiped out of South Africa.

“We initiated the fracas to kill every black African in our country… everyone is attacking us, but you don’t know how we survive. You don’t know the history of South Africa. You don’t know what it means to be unemployed…., he barked”

The video had since generated thousands of outrageous comments both on social media and other news websites.

Commentators decried the heartless gangster and prayed that curse befalls his lineage.

“So this is one of the rats we were pitying, for being oppressed by the Whites and today he says it gives him joy to kill a fellow black man, truly some people have no business with freedom! lt is him who do not know the history of South Africa and there is no honour in taking another man’s life! This is a psychiatric case but he must be served justice for the brutality they have unleashed,” went some of the commentaries.

“The sheaku of South Africa has spoken and the guy foolishly showed his face. Unlike our own sheaku this fool has no army to protect him. The south Africa police should do the needful or better throw him into the migrant’s camp”

Nigerian Tabloid Nairaland published the video under the title:Gang Leader of Xenophobia Promised to Execute more Foreigners

Interestingly, hours earlier Peng Peng took to his Facebook page and asked his fans to suggest some of the ways he would shock the world and appear on the CNN.

Watch the Video here: 


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