Ugandan Becomes First Black Woman to Travel to All World Nations

Jessica Nabongo, a Ugandan-born US and Canadian citizen, has put a mark on the stone as the first black woman to visit every country on earth.

The former United Nations employee, now travel blogger who holds a Ugandan and Canadian passport made her last visit to complete the list with Seychelles which an exciting post on Instagram.

“Welcome to the Seychelles!! Country 195 of 195! So much to say but for now I will just say thank you to this entire community for all of your support. This was our journey and thanks to all of you who came along for the ride!!,” she wrote.

Nabongo hopes that traveling the world will help pave the way for women and people of color to do the same.

“Navigating the world as a woman can be very difficult,” Nabongo told CNN Travel in 2018. “I’ve had a pretty wide range of experiences. I’ve been accused of being a prostitute. I’ve had men chase me before. I’ve been assaulted on the street.” She wrote.

Nabongo cited her experience in South Africa which was not pleasant.

“A few times, I watched in frustration as I was forced to wait behind white tourists or forced to pay bribes in order to cross borders that should have been open to me. The discrimination that I faced in South Africa was ridiculous. Not only from white South Africans, which many would expect, but also from black South Africans,” she said.

In a way to support her travels Nabongo founded a company called Jet Black, which organizes custom itineraries for small group trips in Africa.


To date, there are about 150 known people who have been to every country, the majority of whom are white men traveling on European passports.

As of April 2018, there were 193 recognized countries in the United Nations, plus two with “non-observer status.”

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