Ugandan Artistes Hold Talks on How to Sustain Self in the Industry

Stake holders in the Ugandan music industry have for the first time held a case talk to bring value to the industry by discussing ways of keeping relevant to their fans.

The talk that was held a few days back at Gatomato in Bugolobi was organized by Creative and Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) programme alumni, and the wider Ugandan creative community.

Speaking at the event, Shifa Musisi a musician and one of the night’s panelists argued artists to use their media accounts to stay connected to the outside world saying it can make them go viral.

“Social media is so good if used well, instead of only posting shoes, one can post a new video and sponsor it by boosting and you will be amazed on how many people it will reach. Not only posting music will help you sometimes fans too get bored so one needs to something new but keep it relevant,” she said.

The penal that consisted of Deejay Nimrod, Shifah Musisi, Vampino and rapper Sylvester Kabombo considered the present and past music industry considering how the environment may have both prohibited and created opportunity for emerging talent.

They also shared their thoughts on how musicians may create financial sustainability within their work and support the growth of a vibrant Ugandan music economy into the future.

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