Ugandan Arrested in Kenya with 42 Kgs of Ivory

Kenyan Police at the Busia border has arrested a Ugandan with 42 kgs of ivory and 38 kilograms of wildlife bones.

John Nyoike the Busia Kenya County police commander confirmed the arrest of Joseph Ndeda, whose contraband is said to have been worth 4.2 million Kenyan shillings (About UGX 150Million).

The suspect is a resident of Buyemba Village, Busia district and was according to Police, trying to take the ivory through Marachi village from the Ugandan side to Kenya.

“The suspect used a bodaboda. At the moment we have arrested the owner of the bones who is Ndeda and his yet to also reveal the source of the ivory” Nyoiye said.

Despite a ban on international trade in ivory by CITES in 1989, Illegal Ivory trade is one of the most profitable forms of trafficking after narcotic and weapons.

The countries that usually buy the ivory are Asian and middle east countries which they use in making mostly ornaments.

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