Uganda Wins $400m Oil Case Against Heritage

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has reassured the general public of safety and security during the upcoming 22nd commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi but called upon the population to stand together against any form of action aimed at genocide ideology, seek negating and denial.

According to the Police Spokesperson, viagra 60mg Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Celestin Twahirwa, RNP has worked with all stakeholders including the Ministry of Sports and Culture, National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG), IBUKA and all security organs to ensure that commemoration events are conducted in a calm and safe environment.

“We have mapped all sites where commemoration events will be held, prepared necessary resources and ready to deploy. Besides ensuring safety, we will jointly conduct sensitization campaigns against genocide ideology in line with this year’s commemoration theme,” said ACP Twahirwa.

Known as ‘Kwibuka’ – the Kinyarwanda word for ‘Remember’ –the 22nd commemoration will be held under the theme “Fighting Genocide Ideology”.

Every April 7, Rwandans and friends of Rwanda across the globe, will join to pay tribute to over one million innocent lives massacred in just one hundred days 22 years ago.

Events to mark the 22nd commemoration will be held at Village level (Umudugudu).

Throughout the commemoration week that ends on April 13, citizens will gather in all villages nationwide to reflect on the country’s history, and discuss different genocide-related topics focusing on fighting against genocide ideology.

According to ACP Twahirwa, police’s security plan is drawn from experiences of the past 21 years.


“We looked at the challenges that we encountered in the past 21 commemoration events and drew plans of how best we can ensure that this year’s events are safer,” he said.


Among those challenges include genocide denial and trauma.

At least forty people were detained during the 21st commemoration week over cases related to genocide ideology.

A total of 108 police officers, late last month also completed post-trauma counselling training.

The trainees were equipped with knowledge on causes and signs of trauma, and counselling trauma victims.

“The public should always be quick to provide information on anyone or anything that is likely to cause insecurity during the commemoration period; be it, genocide ideology, denial, revisionism and any other acts that may cause insecurity,” said the police spokesperson.

Genocide ideology is punishable under the law No. 84/2013 of 11/09/2013.

According to the law, genocide ideology is a deliberate act, committed in public, whether orally, written or video or by any other means which may depict ethnic, religious, or racial bias with the aim of advocating for the commission of genocide or supporting genocide.

Genocide ideology-related offences include incitement to commit genocide, negation of Genocide, minimisation of Genocide by downplaying its gravity or consequences, justifying Genocide, and concealment or destruction of evidence of Genocide or other crimes against humanity.

It can also mean theft or destruction of remains of victims of the Genocide, demolishing a memorial site or cemetery for the victims of the Genocide, and violence against a Genocide survivor.

Such genocide crimes are punishable under articles 112 to 119 of the penal code.

The penal code states that any person who commits the crime of genocide ideology and other related offences shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of between five and nine years and a fine of between Rwf100,000 and Rwf1,000,000, or both.

Meanwhile, Police has also urged all owners and users of various communication mediums including the media and users of social platforms to use them in a way that doesn’t affect genocide survivors or mourners, which can also amount to a crime.
Rwanda National Police have commenced a deeper investigation into the killing of a suspected offender as he attempted to disarm a police officer on duty on Thursday morning, look Chimp Corps report.

The incident, information pills which Police described as “unfortunate, ” occurred at around 6:35am at the Remera Police Station in the capital Kigali.

The law enforcement body said in a statement that, a one Dr Gasakure who was “in detention was fatally wounded during a scuffle with a police officer on guard duty.”

It added that Dr Gasakure was in “police custody as part of investigations into offences including illegal entry on other person’s property, causing damage to property, illegal confinement, uttering verbal threats under the influence of alcohol or other stupefiant.”

Police Spokesperson Chief Supt Celestin Twahirwa said; “The deceased requested to go for a short call, was allowed but on getting out of the cell assaulted the officer on guard and tried to disarm him.”

Twahirwa added that, “In the ensuing scuffle the deceased was fatally wounded while the police officer sustained serious injuries and was rushed to hospital.  Investigations into the incident have since been launched.”

He said police “regrets this incident and will keep the family informed as the investigation proceeds.”
Legendary boxer John Mugabi the ‘Beast’ finally returned to Uganda after 26 years in diaspora.

Mugabi, shop who is here to attend the fighters’ awards to be held this Friday in Kampala, arrived at the Entebbe International Airport amidst applause from waiting fans who had gathered to welcome him.

Upon his arrival at Entebbe, Mugabi who was in possession of his WBC title which he won in 1989 said: “I won this for Uganda, it’s real, it’s a WBC, to win this it is not a joke. If you go just kissing the opponent,y ou can’t win this.”

Mugabi 54, won silver at the 1980 summer Olympics in Moscow before turning professional on December 5 ,1980 by knocking out Oemer Karadenis in round one in Kampala. After that win, Mugabi moved to London where his name became acquainted with boxing promoter Mickey Duff who landed for him various fights in England and built his reputation there.

The Ugandan won eight fights in Europe before moving to the United States, setting up residence in Florida.

Mugabi’s Profile       

Name: John Mugabi     

Nick Name(s): The Beast   

Born: March 41960

Boxing Category: Light Middle Weight

Total Fights: 50

Wins: 42

Wins by KO: 39

Losses: 07

Draws: 01

The multi-million dollar tax dispute between Uganda and oil firm, information pills Heritage, this has finally come to an end with the United Nations Arbitral Tribunal ruling in favour of the East African country, this ChimpBusiness reports.

Deputy Attorney General, Fred Ruhindi said in a statement on Wednesday evening that, on February 24, “the Arbitral Tribunal in the Heritage arbitration against the government of Uganda issued a unanimous award dismissing all claims by Heritage and ordering Heritage to pay over $4m of legal costs incurred by Uganda in connection with case.”

Heritage, which had lost round one in a verdict delivered by Uganda’s tax appeals tribunal in November 2011, chose to appeal.

Observers say the legal victory is a big boost to Uganda Revenue Authority which remained consistent in demanding the capital gains tax on Heritage’s sale of interests to Tullow oil.

Heritage had alleged that Uganda improperly assessed capital gains tax on the gain realised by Heritage on the sale of its interests in two production Sharing Agreements to Tullow.

The oil company further claimed that government was obligated to reimburse the tax of over $400m previously paid by Heritage to the government of Uganda and which Heritage is now precluded from recovering.

In addition, said Ruhindi, Heritage claimed damages for the government’s alleged unreasonable delay in granting consent to the sale of its interests to Tullow.

However, the tribunal on Tuesday unanimously held that “there was no basis for Heritage to obtain compensation for the assessment of the tax on its gain in the sale transaction with Tullow.”

The Tribunal further ruled Uganda had not unreasonably withheld its consent to the sale transaction.

“Therefore all claims by Heritage were dismissed with $4,083,840.38 of costs awarded to Uganda,” said Ruhindi.

“This brings to a successful conclusion, the government’s defence of the arbitration proceedings instituted against Uganda by Heritage in 2011.”

The Attorney General led the government team; comprising the Attorney General’s Chambers, URA, Energy Ministry with assistance of external legal counsel, Curtis, Mallet-Prevost Colt and Mosle LL in “vigorously defending the case.”

Attorney General Peter Nyombi in April 2014 asked for Shs3bn as supplementary budget to cater for the arbitration of the Heritage and Tullow Oil cases.

This was in addition to the shs13bn spent on facilitating research and lawyers in the two high profile cases.

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