Uganda Will Not Close Its Borders to Refugees – Minister Ecweru 

Musa Francis Ecweru, the State Minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness has said Uganda will not restrain refugees from entering Uganda, despite current challenges.

Speaking at the launch of the 2019-2020 Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) in Kampala, Ecweru said whereas Uganda still has so many things to learn from the developed world, it possesses high moral authority regarding refugee management.

“We will never close our borders to asylum seekers whatever the numbers. And that leads us to our quest particularly to partners who are here. Our quest is that we will continue to work with you and encourage you to work with your countries to bring peace, stability and sanity in areas producing refugees”, Ecweru said..

The minister says this policy has turned Uganda into a fountain of compassion thanks to its friendly citizenry.

Despite being financially impoverished, he said Uganda is prepared to give its all.

“While it’s true that we might be relatively poor as a country, if you want to see our wealth open our hearts”, he elaborates.

Unlike the past, when wrong minded people took advantage of a surge in the refugee populations to mint quick money, this time round things are different as tough penalties have been put in place for those found fleecing  refugee funds.

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