Uganda Will Become a Model in Coffee Production – Minister

After water and tea, coffee is ranked as the third most consumed beverage in the world.

It’s second to oil as the world’s most traded commodity, ahead of gold, natural gas, sugar and corn.

It’s believed that over 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk every year.

And besides drinking, coffee provides caffeine for beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.

In Uganda, production of Coffee has played a great role in the ongoing development, sending our economy upwards.

A recent survey in 2016 revealed that Uganda is ranked 8th among the most Coffee producing countries, however, our average income per farmer is still very poor.

Uganda’s State Minister for Agriculture Christopher Kibanzanga said that much is expected to change for the better.

Speaking on day one of the ongoing 16th African Fine Coffee Conference and exhibition, Kibanzanga said:


“Recently, we set our target that by 2030; we will be producing 20 million bags of coffee.

And with one year, we have now taken a right step in the right direction. Very soon, Uganda will be the role model for the rest of the world in Coffee production.”

The Coffee Conference and Exhibition at Kampala Serena is organised by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority, a Government agency which is mandated to promote and oversee the Coffee industry by supporting research, promoting production, controlling the quality and improving the marketing of coffee in the country.

Top 15 Coffee Producing Countries (in Metric Tons)

  1. Brazil 2,592,000
  2. Vietnam 1,650,000
  3. Colombia 810,000
  4. Indonesia 660,000
  5. Ethiopia 384,000
  6. Honduras 348,000
  7. India 348,000
  8. Uganda 288,000
  9. Mexico 234,000
  10. Guatemala 204,000
  11. Peru 192,000
  12. Nicaragua 132,000
  13. China(2013/14 est.) 116,820
  14. Ivory Coast 108,000
  15. Costa Rica 89,520

*As of October 2017

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