Uganda Wild Life Authority Sued


Opposition Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) accused the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) of hatching a plan to use the former LRA Commander Dominic Ongwen’s trial to shield the atrocities that they committed in Northern Uganda.

“We find it very tricky that Government of Uganda is so anxious to hire and pay lawyers to defend Ogwen before the International Criminal Court (ICC), buy information pills medications ” noted UPC vice president, drug Joseph Bossa.

Bossa said it beats everyone’s understanding when the Ugandan government which filed a case in the ICC against LRA leaders is now coming up to defend the very perpetrators that it complained against.

“The only answer we can point at is that NRM wants to use this case to cover up its atrocities it committed in Northern Uganda,” Bosa told journalists at a weekly press briefing at the party headquarters in Kampala on Wednesday.

Bossa added that Ugandans should understand that the ICC, Acholi-Mtoputi trials and Uganda court trials can never heel Ugandans unless the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

“The commission should bring up all Ugandans both the victims and perpetrators to reveal their involvement in the evils that have been committed in the country so as to fully cause reconciliation among Ugandans,” noted the party spokesperson, Okello Lucima.

Lucima called upon Acholi religious and cultural leaders to stop arguing about the use of Matoputi courts to try Ogwen.


“Matoputi courts were set up to solve inter-family and intra-family conflicts but not war crimes that were committed by Ogwen,” Lucima said.

He added that despite Ogwen being a victim of the LRA since he was captured at the age of 10 years, he must face the due justice before the ICC and if found guilty, he must serve his sentence.
Uganda Wildlife Authority has been dragged to High Court in Kampala by an NGO for allegedly endorsing export pangolin scales which is against the law.

Green Watch Uganda sued UWA on grounds that it acted illegally through its executive director Andrew Segawa, more about who issued a license to one Smith Ewa Maku and Smico Skin Craft Industries to export seven tones of pangolin scales estimated in 11billion shillings.

Green watch is an environmental rights advocacy NGO which promotes public participation in the sustainable use, find management and protection of the environment and natural resources and the enforcement of the Constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment.

The Organization contends that UWA was established to protect the environment including wildlife which they have either refused or failed to do.

“It is absurd that instead of UWA fighting such people, symptoms it is working with them. UWA should desist from participating in matters that encourage depletion of our wildlife resources. Licenses should only be issued to preserve, protect and conserve wildlife and not the reverse,” they reveal.

It’s estimated that about 21,000 pangolins will have to perish, if the six months deal, which ends this month is not halted.

Court documents filed by Green Watch indicate that a kilogram of pangolin scales which can only be obtained from one adult or two young ones is worth Shs1704000 and has a very attractive market in China and other Asian countries.

Green watch also says that the method used to obtain pangolin scales is by killing the animals in a cruel manner usually by snares, traps or poison.

They now want court to issue a permanent injunction restraining the entity, its agents, licensees and assignees from endangering a very rare species of wildlife in Uganda to wit pangolins.

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