Uganda Warns World Leaders on Somalia, Calls for Representation at UN Security Council

The Government of Uganda has cautioned world leaders under the United Nations of a potential loss of gains made so far in pacifying the war stricken country of Somalia in the Horn of Africa.

Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, who represented President Yoweri Museveni at the 74th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week, warned of a growing imbalance in the transition process, as the AMISOM peace keeping forces prepare to hand over to the Somali army and leave the country.

“As the country implements the transitional plan, it is essential that the international community addresses the mismatch between the commitment to generate the requisite Somali national security forces and AMISOM drawdown,” said Rugunda.

“Failure to carefully manage this process could imperil the political and security gains already made.”

AMISOM forces are required to conduct a gradual handover of security responsibilities to Somali forces, who aim to take the lead by 2021.

However, while speaking to ChimpReports recently, Ugandan Ambassador to Somalia, Retired General Nathan Mugisha warned that Somali forces are yet to be fully prepared to take over full control of their security.

“They are saying AMISOM should draw down but at what cost? Money will be cut but what will be the consequences?” he wondered.

The drawdown of AMISOM, if not well managed, Mugisha further warned, could spark yet another “exodus” of refugees to many parts of the world including Europe.


“It will be automatic,” cautioned the thin bespectacled envoy.

“You say Amisom is going; before AMISOM gets out, all of them (people) will be out. Just expect that. No doubt. You go build bigger walls; bigger fences,” Mugisha said in an indirect warning to Europe which is grappling with a refugee and migrant crisis as a result of conflicts in Libya and Yemen.


Meanwhile, Dr Rugunda at the General Assembly, reiterated Uganda’s support of better representation of Africa on the UN Security Council.

“The need to reform the UN Security Council is more urgent and imperative now, than ever before,” he said.

“The present geopolitical realities are compelling for a comprehensive reform of the Security Council to make way for equitable representation.”

“Africa with more than one billion citizens, and with over seventy percent of issues on the agenda of the Council, has no representation in the Permanent category of the Security Council, and also under-represented in the Non-permanent category.

“It is time that we address this long-standing injustice and imbalance, perpetuated in the present configuration of the Security Council, without any further delay.”

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