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Uganda Tour Guides Donate Road Safety Signposts To Uganda Police

The Uganda Tour Guides have donated 14 road safety signposts to Uganda Police in charge of Traffic Operations.

While Addressing the media at Nateete police station, William Luchi, a tour guide who spearheaded the mobilization, said that they have had many challenges on the road while traveling with tourists.

“On the Fika Salama and other check points, we normally find sign posts of accidents ahead or diversion ahead and on reaching the point, there is no accident which normally makes Tourists ask us many questions and this often create a bad imagine to the country.”

The Sign posts which were donated to Uganda Police worthy Shs 4.3 M

Luchi also added that the reflective sign posts should be there at least 100 meters to and 100 meters after the check points so that, they can be easily seen at night.

Speaking at the same event, ACP Sarah Kibwika Ag, Commissioner in charge of traffic thanked the Tour guides for their contribution and helping them lift up Police image.

“We have always wanted to have many sign posts but they are expensive and even the cost of replacing them is high,” she said.

She added that the new sign posts will help them enhance visibility of the police check points and also improve the image when the tourists see the signposts.

It is believed that each sign post costed the tour guides Shs 265,000 and they used a total of Shs 4.3 million for the 14 sign posts.






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