Uganda To Host G77 Summit In April

Uganda is set to host the Group of 77 (G77) Summit from 17th to 19th April 2020 in Kampala.

G77 is a coalition of 135 countries from across the globe, majority of them developing countries designed to promote its members’ collective economic interests to create an enhanced joint negotiating capacity in the United Nations.

There were 77 founding members of the Organization but by November 2019, the Organization has since expanded to 135 members including China.

Ambassador Alfred Nnam the Head of Public diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told press today that Uganda stands to benefit a lot from the Summit.

“We thought this will be a very big opportunity for us as a country to be put on the International focus,” he said.

He added that about 2000 delegates and between 3000 and 4000 participants are expected.

“So, for the profile of Uganda, this is important. We will be here to welcome them. All the cameras of the world will be focusing on Uganda during that week and we believe that the image of the country will be much more painted.”

“We shall have a lot of investment opportunities. You cannot imagine how much investment will arise from holding a summit.”


In addition to promoting Uganda’s Tourism industry, Nnam said Uganda’s facilities such as Hotels and products will be utilized.

Zakaria Fellah, senior Advisor for Communications and outreach at G77 Secretariat in New York said that the G77 Bloc is not political but rather focuses on economic and social issues of its member countries.

“G77 is not and does not deal with political issues. The Group of 77 deals extensively with economic and social issues within the United Nations. It means that because we are so numerous we cannot let others exploit our Divisions. We are the largest Coalition or group of Nations in the UN.”

“The idea here is to unite and speak one voice within the United Nations on economic and social issues, he said.”

Asked why, Africa has taken long without hosting the Summit, Zakaria said that in 2010, the Summit was slated to be hosted by Libya but the war that toppled its longest serving dictator Col Muammar Gaddafi could not allow the development.

“Africa has known many more challenges. Political challenges.”


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