Uganda Still Remains One of the Countries That Has The Biggest Export Comedy Wise-Comic Klint Da Drunk

Nigerian famous comedian Afamefuna Klint Igwemba better known by his stage name Klint Da Drunk has praised Uganda as one of the few countries in East Africa with the ability to export comedians not just in East Africa.

Klint cracking jokes at the press conference

Klint who will be making his first appearance at a local Comedy show dubbed ‘Comedy store,’ will be performing live at UMA Show grounds on Thursday 20.

While addresing journalists on Wednesday afternoon,the comedian joked that it’s beautiful to know that all Ugandan journalists are married following Alex Muhagi’s address,where he thanked a “couple” of Journalists for attending the event.

Comic Klint poses for a photo with Comedy Store boss Alex Muhagi and the Journalists

Klint who confessed that it’s not his first time in Uganda as he way back in the country for Comedian Pablo’s and Salvador’s shows, said that Comedy store is very lovely, the fact that he revealed he never knew it was a very sexy program that has the potential to organize such big shows and associate with big names in the industry.

The sensational comic admitted missing Uganda and its rich taste natural dishes.

“I have been missing Uganda. Sincerely, I enjoyed the food the last time I was here and I want to eat that food again and again. I remember eating some kind of food I don’t even recall the name, but had cassava and some kind of meat, roasted fried meat in it, I had never had such a nice finger-licking dish made me sleep like an idiot.” Klint Joked.

“Of the whole Africans that have been doing comedy, there are few countries that actually move to other countries to do comedy beyond their comfort zone.


We’ve had few Ghanaian comedians going to soo many places, Nigerian comedians and South Africans among others and funny enough in East Africa, Uganda still remains one of the countries that has the biggest export comedy wise to other Countries that is just not in East Africa.

So that means, if one of you can go out there and make other people from another area beyond your comfort zone, laugh very well, that means there’s a very big problem in Uganda just like we have in Nigeria.

If you don’t have a problem, do you think we would be funny? To be funny you have to have a problem.”

When asked how long he has been in the Comedy industry, the comic attempted to recall it while counting his fingers and finally, “for a long time,” he stammered. Klint revealed that comedy has taken him to all the continents around the World.

Klint being a person who does not drink alcohol in real life,said he does his jokes based on drunkenness with an aim of preaching against high alcohol consumption especially by youth who abuse it.

He will be joined by Uganda’s comedians and singers such as Mc Mariachi,Bebe cool and Cindy among others.

He however,said he would like to meet with Ugandan singer Daxx Kartel whose character is the same as his.

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