VIDEO: Uganda, Russia Agree on Military Cooperation, Nuclear Production

The Ugandan government and Russia on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding in which both countries agreed to cooperate in a number of fields, see at a function held in Kampala.

According to the Foreign Affairs Minister, unhealthy Hon. Sam Kuteesa, for sale the 2 countries came to the agreement after a series of meetings between the Russian delegation led by their Deputy Minister for Communication and Mass Media Mr. Alexey .K.Volin and President Yoweri Museveni and his Foreign Affairs delegation.

“We discussed areas of trade, agriculture, air transport ICT, Oil refinery and others. There are also a number of  MOUs which we have signed whereas other are being worked on but will be signed  very quickly,” Hon. Kuteesa told journalists.

Mr. Volin said the relations between the two countries date back in 1962 when the first agreement between Kampala and Moscow was signed; and that this was to refresh the cordial relationship.

“There are over 40,000 Ugandans who studied in Russia and can read and write Russian language. We want to see Uganda construct a lot of nuclear plants because you need a lot of energy,” the Russian Communication and Mass Media minister told journalists at Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

“You can also use the nuclear for medicine and cancer machines. We want to establish direct contact with Makerere and Busitema universities so we can have direct courses online in this field.”

The Russian minister said opportunities in the field of tourism  have in past  not been utilized; stressing that it is high time tourists from Russia make Uganda one of their leading destinations.

“We need to get a lot of information about the respective countries and this can be done through interaction.”


Hon. Kuteesa on the other hand, said the Memorandum of Understanding would help improve relations in terms of trade and agriculture between the 2 countries.

“We shall now be exporting our goods directly and not through any other country to Russia, majorly our agricultural products like coffee, fruits and tea,” the Ugandan Foreign Affairs minister noted.

According to the a communiqué from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, both countries also agreed to work together in areas  of military technical and security through strengthening the existing agreements between the Kampala and Moscow governments.

The 2 countries according to the communiqué also agreed to work closely in the sector of air transport and ICT.

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