Uganda Receives 20Million Vaccination Doses For Measles, Rubella


Officials from the Ministry of Health and the National Medical Stores yesterday received 20,299,000 doses of Measles and Rubella for the new national vaccination campaign scheduled run from 25th to 29th of September 2019.

The vaccines priced at $19million (costs of operations inclusive) were funded by GAVI with technical support from WHO and UNICEF

These will be given out to children between 9months and under 15 years in schools and villages in all districts in Kampala.

Speaking the delivery ceremony at the Entebbe International Airport, the Director Clinical services, Dr Charles Olaro said the new campaign was response to the reported cases of Measles and Rubella that have recently become rampant in different parts of Uganda

“It was the recommendation of the Uganda National Immunization Technical advisory group that we introduced vaccines for Rubella into the national immunization program because the disease was becoming common. With the new immunization campaign, we are targeting 100% coverage for the target age around the country,” he said

Dr Olaro added that the campaign, which will be in schools and designated hospitals/ centers in different parts of the country will include Oral Polio vaccines for children under 5 years.

“The vaccines provided are free, safe and effective and will be administered under the Immunization Act (2017).  We urge all parents with children between the mentioned age to ensure that they have their children immunized to avoid breaking the law and getting punished but also protect their children” he said


He added; “the best protection against measles and Rubella is through vaccination of children at the age of 9 months. We call upon all responsible community leaders to ensure that all children are immunized to avoid the risk of transferring the disease to other children.”

He further urged all head teachers to ensure that every child presents their immunization certificates as a way of ensuring that all children get immunized as required by the law.

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