Uganda Ramps Up Efforts to Import Covid19 Vaccine Amid Spike in Cases

Government of Uganda has reportedly received approval from the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative (GAVI) to be part of the Global COVAX initiative for COVID -19 vaccine access.

Government sent in an application to join the initiative last month.

The Covax initiative by the World Health Organization is meant to ensure that vaccines are distributed fairly around the world.

WHO says through this initiative, the first of two billion doses are due to be delivered in early.

Yesterday, President Yoweri Museveni met with the Covid19 National Task Force on COVID-19 in which officials pointed out that the Covid19 virus has been getting worse in the country.

According to the Ministry of Health, up to 88% or 22,000 Covid19 cases in the country have been registered during the last three months.

The meeting noted an urgent need to access the COVID-19 vaccine for the people of Uganda, not only as a mitigating strategy against severe disease and deaths, but also a public health measure to enable a safe return to normalcy.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr Diana Atwiine revealed in a statement after the meeting that Uganda will be importing its vaccine from Britain.


“Based on the evidence available and the recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health, Uganda will access the vaccine from AstraZeneca,” she said.

“Uganda will also explore other traditional vaccine options such as the one from China, when they receive approval from the World Health Organization. The access of the vaccine will be done in an equitable manner starting with the most vulnerable and those at more risk.”


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