Uganda Prisons Record 701 Covid-19 Cases

Uganda Prisons Spokesperson Frank Baine has revealed that they have so far registered 701 cases of Covid-19.

“We have registered 701 Covid-19 cases in prisons, 437 have recovered, 57 escaped, 15 are staff and 7 family members who picked the virus from liaising with the sick prisoners,” he said.

Addressing the press at the Uganda Media Center, Baine added that as prisons, they are observing the Standard Operating Procedures as they continue receiving inmates from police.

“Even in prisons, Covid-19 has continued to be on the rise because we continue to receive people arrested from the public by the police. Our treatment centres continue to operate like in Gulu, Moroto and Jinja. We shall be ready to expand as necessity rises,” he said.

“I want to confirm that the situation is in control. Unfortunately, all the cases are asymptomatic, there is nobody who has had a severe case. We are optimistic that they will all recover,” Baine added.

Baine further noted that as far as the case of prisoners that escaped in Moroto prison is concerned, 18 were captured, 12 lost lives and a total of 30 were brought back while 190 are still missing.

“There is a price of Shs 500,000 per escapee and Shs 1.5 m for any gun recovered. We are yet to recover the guns but as I said, they can run but not escape, when their 40 days expire, we shall get them back,” he added.


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