Uganda Plans to Build Shs 83bn Structure to Host EAC Statistics Bureau in Entebbe

Government of Uganda is lobbying to host the East African Community Statistics Bureau (EACSB) at Entebbe, Chimp Corps report.

The bid to lobby EACSB was decided by Cabinet on July 30, 2014 and UBOS Board resolved to support the Cabinet position on April 3, 2019.

The UBOS Board also resolved that part of Entebbe office land be used to erect a building that will host EACSB.

UBOS Board chairman, Dr Albert Byamugisha, said the institution, with funding from Government is set to construct the State of the Art building named ‘Statistics House Entebbe’ in a period of for years as soon as money for the project is located.

The Shs 83bn budget for the structure has since received a green light from the office of the President and the Ministry of Finance.

However, consultations with the development committee of the Ministry of Finance and other stakeholders are underway to oversee the success of the project in its entirety.

“This same environment will host statistics in service training centre, data science labs, archive centre, Conference Hall, disaster recovery centre and some offices to decongest Statistics House in Kampala,” said Byamugisha during the new board’s first visit to UBOS Entebbe office this past Friday.

Meanwhile, Byamugisha, pledged to deliver goals of the Plan for National Statistical Development III (PNSD III) 2020/21 – 2024/25 which was recently developed by UBOS in collaboration with selected Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs).


The PNSD is a framework for strengthening statistical capacity across the National Statistical System (NSS) to support results based management in line with national, regional and international development frameworks.

In addition, PNSD III has been designed to ensure that NSS meets the data requirements of Uganda Vision 2040 especially the National Development Plan III (NDP III) results and reporting framework, East African Community (EAC) Vision 2050, Africa Agenda 2063 and agenda 2030 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including other data requirements emanating from the treaties, conventions and protocols that the Government of Uganda has ratified.

Dr Byamugisha pledged to deliver strategic goals of PNSD III which include strengthened coordination, cooperation and partnership in NSS, increased statistical capacity in the NSS, strengthened systems for data production and development in the NSS and enhanced dissemination, uptake and use of statistics.

“I wish to say that together with the members of the Board, I pledge our commitment to deliver on this Plan, with support of the Ministry and management of UBOS and all stakeholders in the National Statistical System,” he said.

“As we continue to cherish this team spirit, we are destined to ensuring availability of timely, accurate and relevant official statistics for informed planning and better decision making at national, regional and international levels,” he added.

Under PNSD III framework, UBOS supports Ministries, Department and Agencies to develop and implement sector strategic plan for statistics and these provide a framework for strengthening statistics development and the basis for improving sector statistics.

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