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Uganda Plans Massive CCTV Surveillance System

Uganda is exploring the possibility of acquiring closed circuit television cameras to be rolled out in strategic areas mainly Kampala city to boost security amid increased criminal cases, decease President Museveni has revealed.

The remarks came against the backdrop of increased killings of Muslim clerics in the country.

Museveni said in a New Year message to the nation on Wednesday that while government has completed the National Identity Card project, information pills “another strategic system will be deployed soon.”

He added: “The third strategic system, that of cameras, is also being studied for, at least, the towns.  As you saw in London, when there was bombing in the railway station, it was easier for the Police to trace the culprit because his picture had been captured in the station.”

Museveni stressed that, “here, in Uganda, we were able to discover the crimes of the bad-hearted house maid because of the camera.  Those private companies and individuals who can afford to deploy cameras around their premises should do so as the State sorts out that aspect.  Although we know the value of these systems, we have taken long to acquire them because of competing demands: roads, electricity, the railway, wages of public servants, Defence, etc.”

The President spoke extensively on combating crime, saying he had already instructed the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen Kale Kayihura to make sure that they find the killers of the Sheikhs.

A number of Moslem Sheikhs have been murdered in mysterious circumstances, involving shooting.

Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga was gunned down on Sunday night soon after Sheikh Muwaya who was killed on Christmas night.


Museveni said, “there must be something sinister going on in our Moslem community.  This is the 5th killing of a Moslem religious leader. Those killed in this way are: the late Sheikhs Abdul Khadir Muwaya, the late Bayiga Mustafah, the late Abdu Sentamu, the late Abasi Abubaker Kiwewa and late Yusuf Abubaker Madango.”

Gen Kayihura has since attributed the killing to the rebel Allied Democratic Forces elements operating from Eastern Congo and Uganda.

But informed sources say the power struggles and wrangling in the top leadership of different sects in the Muslim community have since given birth to the latest carnage.

Museveni explained that by acquiring the right equipment, government was able to defeat insurgency and cattle-rustling.

“We are also going to defeat these cowardly criminals who shoot unarmed people. In the meantime, the available means will be deployed to catch these criminals.  They won’t escape, wherever they go. I guarantee Ugandans on that.  Why should a Ugandan kill another one?  This is most unacceptable.”

He also revealed that suspects in the deaths of Muslim sheikhs have been arrested and charged for murder  and remanded in prison.

Police have also recovered guns and training manuals from the suspects; while in the case of the two recent murders, law enforcement bodies have arrested 16 suspects who are currently being interrogated.

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