Uganda: No New Marburg Virus Cases

Kenyan President, viagra Uhur Kenyatta has expressed his deep sympathy over the sudden death of renowned academician, Prof. Ali Mazrui.

In a statement, President Kenyatta said Prof. Mazrui was a towering academician whose intellectual contributions played a major role in shaping African scholarship.

Mazrui is considered to be one of the greatest scholars Kenya and the continent have ever produced.

According to Uhuru, Mazrui’s brilliance raised him to the apex of scholarly distinction and earned him respect and following among his peers globally.

His remarks come shortly after the 81 year old professor was announced dead in the US earlier today.

Mazrui will be remembered for his literary works, debates and relentless cultivation of a global view of Africa stories as told to the entire continent through his writing.

“Prof. Mazrui’s legacy and commitment to intellectual advancement will always remain etched in Kenyans’ minds, and his name will be remembered alongside other Kenyan and African intellectual icons who contributed immensely in the academic sphere,” President Kenyatta wrote.
Uganda remains safe from Marburg, sick 13 days after the hemorrhagic virus killed a health worker at Mengo Hospital in Kampala, discount officials said Monday.

“To date, there is no new confirmed case of Marburg since the first confirmed case on September 30th 2014. This was a health worker who was working in Mengo Hospital. All the alert and suspect cases have been thoroughly invested and have all tested negative for the Marburg Virus,” said Minister of State – Primary Health Care, Sarah Opendi Achieng.


The news is a big relief to Uganda which recently stepped up surveillance mechanisms aimed at controlling the spread of the deadly virus.

Opendi said currently, there are five suspects on isolation in the three isolation facilities.

“The first one admitted at Entebbe National Isolation Center is a nurse who got into contact with the confirmed case. She however tested negative for Marburg but is awaiting another confirmatory test. She is reported to be improving on treatment,” observed the minister.

She further pointed out that two other cases are admitted at Mulago Hospital isolation center and are awaiting results from the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI).

These cases however did not have any contact with the confirmed case but were admitted after presenting signs of the infectious Viral hemorrhagic fever.

They are closely being monitored by a team of experts from the National Referral Hospital.

In Ibanda isolation center, there are two cases on admission. They are both male who were admitted after presenting with signs of VHF. They are awaiting results.

Marburg Viral Haemorraghic fever is a fatal illness caused by the Marburg virus which belongs to the filoviridae family together with the Ebola virus.

The incubation period ranges from 2 to 21 days while the Case fatality rates vary from 24 percent to 88 percent.

Fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family are considered to be the natural hosts of Marburg virus.

The Marburg virus is transmitted to people from the fruit bats and spreads among humans through human-to-human transmission by direct contact with wounds and body fluids like blood, saliva, vomitus, stool and urine of an infected person.

A person suffering from Marburg presents with sudden onset of high fever with headache, vomiting blood, joint and muscle pains, bleeding through the body openings, i.e. eyes, nose, gums, ears, anus and the skin.

There is no specific antiviral treatment or vaccine available; patients are usually given supportive treatment.

Buko case

Opendi also clarified on the death of a 30-year-old man from Kabei sub-county in Bukwo district who was suspected of having died of Marburg.

After a thorough investigation, said the Minister, “we would want to inform the public that the man died of liver failure due to excessive taking of Alcohol. At the time of admission, he presented with a history of vomiting, abdominal pain mainly at epigastrum region, swelling of the lower limb and was severely dehydrated.”

Opendi said the deceased was managed with antibiotics but after two hours, he started vomiting blood passing loose stool blood stained in nose bleeding. He died two hours later.

Currently, there are 149 contacts under follow up for possible signs of the Marburg virus. They are; 80 in Kampala district, 11 from Mpigi district and 58 from Kasese district where the confirmed case was buried.

“We continue to receive and investigate all alert cases from different parts of the country. None has so far tested positive for the Marburg virus.”

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