Uganda Manufactures First Solar-powered Bus in Africa

Former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs Gen David Sejusa is reportedly detained at Makindye Military Barracks, sales a top aide of the embattled army officer has revealed.

Moses Bigirwa, patient the spokesperson and chief aide of the NRA war historical, said Sejusa’s residence was raided by the military police at 9:00am.

“Many soldiers stormed Sejusa’s residence to arrest him,” said Bigirwa.

“Sejusa did not resist arrest. He complied with orders before being driven out of his compound in a convoy,” he added.

“He was then taken to Makindye where he still is,” emphasised Bigiriwa.

ChimpReports could not immediately corroborate this information as army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda’s known mobile phone was switched off.

However, at the General’s plush residence in Naguru, soldiers were seen in the compound.

A military truck delivered food for soldiers guarding the house before leaving the premises at 1:55 pm.


Sejusa’s relatives said he was not at home.

They did not divulge more details on how the controversial army officer left his house.


This development comes high on the heels of Sejusa’s media remarks that he had already mobilised masses to topple Museveni in a mass uprising.

“How you wage a struggle – political or otherwise, is informed by the type of threat you face. If you are facing a political struggle, you organise politically,” said the former intelligence organs coordinator.

“If you are facing a dictatorship, you organise a resistance.”

Sejusa told NBS Television this week that efforts to obtain political reforms in the current governance setup had not borne fruit.

“Museveni can never accept reforms. It’s a waste of time because dictatorships are never reformed; they are dismantled,” said Sejusa.

The former spy chief has previously made alarmist statements only to be ignored by the state despite being a serving general.

His remarks came at a time of heightened tensions following intelligence that opposition are mobilising for an insurrection ahead of the 2016 presidential elections.


The Free Uganda pressure group headed by Sejusa also issued a statement on Sunday, saying “Museveni has a plan to arrest top Uganda pro-democracy activists, like General Sejusa, so as to forestall possible mass uprising that is seen as inevitable should Museveni refuse to hand over power to the victorious political opposition.”

The organisation’s publicist Vincent Magombe told ChimpReports that “General David Sejusa is staying firm and un-phased by the situation building up outside his Naguru home.”
Kiira Motors Corporation is set to launch the first solar-powered bus ‘Kayoola’ in Africa in the corporation’s vision to spearhead the automotive industry in Uganda.

‘Kayoola’ can be loosely translated as ‘mass carrier’.

The Kayoola bus is uniquely designed to be powered by solar energy to make it environmental friendly.

It relies on 2 power banks (lithium-ion batteries) which power an electric motor that is coupled to a 2-speed pneumatic shift transmission.

The 2 power banks operate in automatic alternation to enable real time mobile battery recharging while the other is in use.

Mr Isaa Musasizi, hospital the CEO Kiira Motors Corporation told journalists during the test drive at Namboole stadium on Sunday that Kayoola was built at an estimate of Shs 500m.

With a seating capacity of 35 passengers, information pills the bus has a power capacity of 150KW (204HP) Peak and solar power of 1320W.

The solar panels on the roof harvest energy to run the bus on a range of 80kms (approximately 8 hours of nonstop movement).

“Uganda is privileged to be among the 13 countries in the whole world that are situated along the equator. We decided to take advantage of this strategic position to improve transport technology, visit ” he said.

Mr Musasizi stressed the fact that most of the bus features are locally sourced and were assembled by a team of about 100 Ugandans.

These did the wielding, spraying, wiring among others.

“The body is typically our Roofings material and was worked on by hand. Also, the battery banks which are stainless steel were also fabricated from here. Uganda possesses polished skills to deliver automotives today.”

Transport challenges

Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Prof. Sandy Stevens Tickodri who officiated at Sunday’s test drive said ‘Kayoola’ will go a long way in addressing Uganda’s mass transportation problem.

“We have buses all over the world but Ugandans must be proud to be championing a technology that represents clean energy,” said the Minister who birthed the idea of manufacturing Uganda’s first electronic car Kiira EV while still a Professor at Makerere University.

He said the innovation has raised the regional standard, adding; “The Kayoola sets a green precedence and inspiration trend for technological future in urban mobility for East and Central Africa.”

President Museveni is set to officially launch the Kayoola solar bus on February 16 at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Kiira Motors project is an industrial development intervention fully funded by Government of Uganda. It is aimed at establishing vehicle manufacturing capabilities in Uganda for Pickups, SUVs, Sedans, Light and Medium duty trucks and Buses.

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