Uganda Lost Her Independence After Attaining it, Says Kyalya

The former presidential candidate Maureen Faith Kyalya Waluube has bashed at Ugandans who according to her ‘foolishly’ and ‘ignorantly’ joined the trail to celebrate the Independence Day wondering whether Uganda has ever been independent.

“I truly wonder why Africans claim to be independent with Uganda every 9th October yet surely it was from colonialism to neo colonialism and from oppression to suppression, prostate ” Kyalya said over her social media.

She added, this web “Uganda is celebrating independence, I guess all speeches will be in English and understood by only the few who are English literate.”

The only female candidate in February 2016 presidential polls who is currently living in the united kingdom notes that Yet we are celebrating Independence from England and the English, Soon enough we shall be celebrating in Chinese to mark our grand jump from being British subjects to Chinese dependants.

In an interview with our reporter over her post, Kyalya, a controversial politician said Uganda lost her independence the day she attained it in 1962 because what followed was dancing to the tunes of
the whites.

“And worse more, Uganda is currently being scrambled for by Britain our former master, US, the overall self-proclaimed master, Russia, China, Malaysia and many other world powers who want to show their
social economic supremacy to Uganda” she said.

Ms Kyalya said celebrating independence in Luuka district was a mockery to the people of Busoga who are languishing in absolute poverty and poor service delivery in the whole country.

“And a few who are close to the president keep lying to him that the region is doing well yet surely it is impoverished and that money being wasted would do something to uplift the standards of the local man” she noted.

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