Uganda Has The Most Favourable Rental Tax In the Region – URA

Ian Rumanyika, the public and corporate affairs manager at Uganda Revenue Authority has told property owners and developers that Uganda has got the most favourable rental tax in the East African region.

Speaking at Serena Hotel in Kampala, Rumanyika said this is strategically meant to develop the country’s housing sector.

“Uganda has the most favourable tax policy on rental tax in the region. The reason is that we want the housing and construction sector to grow,” he said

Rumanyika noted however, that the housing sector is not yet performing as expected in terms of contributing to GDP of the country.

“In 2016/17, we collected 71 billion shillings in the housing sector. In fact, OTT is doing better than rental. If everyone in this sector complies then the sector would be doing well,” he said.

“In 2017/18 we collected about 88 billion shillings. In 2018/19 that we have just concluded we collected 79 billion shillings,” he added

Rumanyika further said that the policy of rental tax in Uganda is favourable because there is a threshold of Shs 2,820,000 income, below which one guaranteed a tax free allowance.

He also said that there is a total number of 1321 land lords registered for rental compared to 4554 who are unregistered.


The tax body, according to Rumanyika is coming on board not to kill the housing sector but as partners to create a favourable environment for the sector to develop.

Kenneth Kaijuka the acting CEO National Housing, cited a number of challenges that have been caused by housing sector in Kampala, such as floods.

He noted that channels taking water have been constructed into.

Kaijuka also called for proper management in housing sector and affordability of houses.


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