Uganda Gov’t Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo Residence Under Attack

10:17pm: Deputy Police spokesperson Polly Namaye says the family of government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has been rescued following an attack by unknown assailants on Thursday night.

“Police is combing the area. Family is safe but in shock,” says Namaye.

She said some property was apparently taken “but we are yet to know what could have been taken.”

10:00pm: Deputy Police spokesperson Polly Namaye speaks on the attack on the residence of Uganda government’s spokesperson in Mukono.

Namaye tells ChimpReports that the “Situation is under control.”

She further says “No arrest yet but Police led by DPC is there to ensure the family is safe.”

Asked if the occupants of the house were injured,  Namaye promised to provide an update later.

“Right now the priority is life and apprehending the offenders. Then we can look out for other details,” said Namaye.

9:00pm: The residence of the Executive Director of Uganda Media Centre, Ofwono Opondo, has been attacked.

“My home in Nasuuti (Mukono District) is said to be under attack by unknown assailants,” said Opondo on Thursday night.

“I am out of home and lost contact with family members,” he emphasised.

Police were yet to speak out on the incident.

Efforts to reach Police spokesperson Fred Enanga for comment were still futile as calls to his known telephone line went unanswered.

ChimpReports is yet to establish if any of Opondo’s family members has been injured in the alleged attack.

Opondo said the attackers “are said to be many in number, have entered my house and into the bedrooms. My family under danger.”

Opondo’s residence is located about 30 kilometers from Kampala

Using his Twitter handle, Opondo later said Police had gained “entry into the house, found most things in the bedrooms turned upside down.”

He said the assailants “forced” his wife and three
daughters “into another room.”

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