Uganda Fight Against GBV Still Lacks Technical Support – UN Rep

The Country Representative of United Nations Women in Uganda Dr. Maxime Huinato has called for the wholesome reinforcement of Government’s Gender affirmative mechanisms.

He made these remarks at the annual Kampala Geo-Politics Summit on Wednesday October 21, 2020.

Huinato who has previously served in Mali noted that while Uganda is comparatively performing well as far as gender parity, it should unwaveringly reinforce duty bearers as a way of stamping out Patriarchy and associated practices.

He explained that while many think that political will alone can level the gender gap, this cannot happen in isolation.

“You cannot have the political will if you don’t have the technical capacity, you cannot move either,” he said.

“Using the example of rape, Huinato pointed out that without proper training of police in Gender Based Violence (GBV), handling of such cases remain problematic.

“Sometimes at the heart of the criminal investigations, you have the truth and the contradiction. So when the suspect says that at event took place in the morning in the first interrogation. In the second interrogation, they say that it was in the afternoon, a typical policeman loses the wire,” he illustrated.

“So it means that the crime never took place. Meanwhile in the rape case you have traumatism that makes the victim confused in terms of space and time.”


However, by far, he lauded Uganda’s gender progressive affirmative policies that beat several African giants such Nigeria where women a meager 8% of the Legislature.

“What we have today is 35% of females in Parliament, in the local council we have 45%, cabinet ministers are 35%, state ministers are 33% but in the public service in general or civil service we have 25% of women,” Huinato disclosed.

On her part, Agnes Ikoye the commandant of the Uganda Immigration Training Academy and Uganda’s Deputy Coordinator of Prevention of Trafficking Persons tagged prevailing challenges to perceptional issues.

On the other hand, however Ikoye acknowledged that these gender related problems can be done away with if all office bearers play their part.

“Power is great when it is used wisely and power is good to have things done. But you have to use that power responsibly in the process,” she said.

A total of 1531 women were raped in last year according to the annual Uganda Police Crime Report.

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