Uganda Drops from 149th To 137th Position in World Corruption Index

Transparency International’s annual “Corruption Perceptions Index 2019” (CPI) has been unveiled, showing a significant improvement in Uganda’s corruption rating.

The report which was launched Thursday in Kampaal, shows Uganda dropped by 12 places from 149th to 137th position among the most corrupt countries in the world between 2018 and 2019.

The survey was conducted in 2019 and 180 countries in the world were surveyed.

The Report was presented by Transparency International Uganda Executive Director Peter Wandera at Hotel Africana on Thursday.

In 2012, Uganda was number 130 in most corrupt countries on Earth at 29%, in 2013 it scored position number 140 at 26%, in 2014 it was 142 at 26%, in 2015 it was 139 at 26%, in 2016 it scored 151 at 25%, in 2017 it scored 151 at 26%, in 2018 it was 149 at 26%, while last year 2019 it dropped 12 places to 137th.

According to the Report, the top scoring countries with the least corruption include Denmark and New Zealand at 87% taking the first position, Finland with 86% while Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland followed at 85%.


The worst scoring countries that have intense corruption included Somalia coming last at position number 180 with 9%, South Sudan at 179 with 12%, Syria at 178 with 13%, Yemen at 177th with 15% while Venezuela, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea and Afghanistan came at 173 position of most corrupt countries on Earth with 16%.


The highest scoring region is Western Europe and European Union at 66% while the lowest scoring region is Sub Saharan Africa at 32%.

Speaking at the report launch, Transparency International Uganda Board of Directors Chairperson John Mary Odoy said fighting corruption is not a matter of Civil Society Organizations but all citizens adding that Uganda is one of the countries well known for Corruption.

Since Uganda scored 149 out 186 countries surveyed in 2018, Odoy said it’s not the best thing to be known for.

He added that there is need to have political will and well supported and resourced institutions to fight graft.

“This is not the best thing to be known for. It is demeaning, degrading and dehumanizing. Corruption is not from heaven, it can be undone,” he said.

“We need political will to fight it. Institutions established to fight Corruption should be well resourced and their work should not be interrupted. We must take action against Corruption now.”

He further said that Corruption in Uganda is enjoyable as it is done in many sectors.

“We need citizen participation in fight against Corruption.”

On matters Corruption in elections, Odoy categorically noted that there are issues of voter bribery and voter selling in Uganda and therefore called for need to change Uganda’s brand on politics.

“I wish to advise that Corruption be avoided in the next election to have political integrity,” he added.



  1. Manage conflicts of interest.

Governments should reduce the risk of undue influence in policy making by tightening controls over financial and other interests of Government officials.

  1. Controls political financing.

In order to prevent excessive money and influence in politics, Governments should improve and properly enforce campaign finance regulations.

  1. Strength Electoral Integrity.

For democracy to be effective against Corruption, Governments must ensure that elections are free and fair.

  1. Regulate lobbying activities.


Governments should promote open and meaningful access to decision making and consult a wider range of groups beyond well resourced lobbyists and a few private interests.

  1. Empower citizens.

Governments should protect civil liberties and political rights including freedom of speech, expression and association.

  1. Tackle preferential treatment.

Governments should create mechanisms to ensure that service delivery and public resource allocation are not driven by personal connections or are biased towards special interest groups at the expense of the overall public good.

  1. Reinforce checks and balances.

Governments must promote the separation of powers, strengthen judicial Independence and preserve checks and balances.

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