Uganda Diaspora Community Must be Informed on the Achievements of NRM Party

Students of Coast Girls School, pharmacy Mombasa have developed a small black stone that sucks poison out of snake and scorpion bites.

In a bid to empower girls by increasing their engagement in science and applying knowledge beyond the classroom, Aga Khan Academy, launched a two-year pilot project dubbed, Educating Girls in Science (EGIS).

“Working with teachers, students and science clubs, we are using this project to train girls on how to think outside the box by providing them with practical skills,” said Lucy Mwandawiro, the project’s coordinator and a teacher of chemistry at the academy.

The black stone, or viper stone, is a piece of processed bone got from the thigh of a cow. It is used as a first aid measure for snake, scorpion and insect bites.

According to the project coordinator, a community survey was done and it was discovered that many had lost their lives from scorpion and snake bites.

The Ministry of Health survey, also shows that 30% of snake bite incidences end in fatalities, because patients do not get timely first aid.

It’s in this regard that the project team decided to devise the black stone, since the residents can’t get timely medical attention due to the fact that hospitals are far from the villages.

“It was this need that saw the 25 girls from Coast Girls School base their project,” Mwandawiro said.


According to the Project’s coordinator, the black stone is developed from a thigh bone in order to increase its surface area and make it more absorptive.

“Traditionally, the black stone was prepared from any animal bone and left to cool in open air, a factor that re-oxidized the stone and reduced its absorptive ability. The girls improved on this method,  and used a thigh bone which has a highly porous nature that allows it to preserve its power of absorption,” she added.

Once prepared, the black stone neutralizes the fatal effects of a snake bite by soaking up the poison at the entry point.

She further explained that a small cut is made on the bitten area and then the black stone is placed on the affected part to absorb the poison through capillary action.
The move by the South Sudan President Salva Kiir to create 18 additional states has continued to attract more reactions from political players in the oil rich unstable nation.

The latest is from the SPLM Former Detainees Group which has described the decision as “unfortunate” and “unnecessary” and sought at a terribly wrong time.

On Friday evening Kiir while appearing on the national broadcaster, adiposity SSTV issued a unilateral decree increasing the numbers of states from 10 to 28 and the matter is not going to be tabled in the National Assembly.

The SPLM-FD group that is also known SPLAM-G10 or SPLM-Uhuru released a statement on Monday evening condemning the move.

“The creation of more states at this particularly delicate time when the country is geared towards the implementation of the agreement for the resolution of conflict in South Sudan is unfortunate and unnecessary as it adds more uncertainty with regards to the status of Agreement and its implementation, ” part of their statement reads.

The group led by the SPLM Secretary General; Pagan Amum said the decree is going to destabilize the power sharing arrangement that was premised on the existing 10 states.

“The creation of more states would no doubt complicate the power sharing ratios that were painstakingly negotiated in the agreement. Whereas the power sharing ratios were determined on the basis of the existing 10 states, it is now not clear whether that formula would apply to the newly created states, particularly when the president emphatically stated that he will soon appoint the governors of the new states.”

The recently concluded peace agreement gave power ratios to the SPLM mainstream under Kiir, SPLA- In Opposition under Dr. Riek Machar, SPLM-FD and other parties.

According to the peace agreement arrangement, Kiir is supposed to appoint 7 governors while Machar is supposed to appoint 3 governors in the rebel dominated states of Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei.

The new decree indicates that Kiir will appoint governors of the 18 additional states and even in the ones curved out of areas held by Machar’s group.

The SPLM-FD added that the president’s move also contravenes the transitional constitution of South Sudan.
By Peter Marco 

NRM Diaspora League must do more to inform Ugandans in Diaspora the achievements, treat aims and goals of NRM Party before the next General Election.

Many Ugandans in Diaspora do appreciate the peace, order security, this site democracy and development which the NRM Government as introduced in their motherland, this has encouraged many to invest back home and to develop themselves.

According to Bank of Uganda figures in 2014 remittance from Ugandans living in Diaspora was up to 2 Trillion Shillings sent back to Uganda, such funds are used to pay for schools, starting developmental projects, cater for family members, setup new business and buying plots of land, Remittance sent by Ugandans in Diaspora do contribute a lot on Uganda’s GDP.

The need for NRM Diaspora League to inform, explain, outline and educate Ugandans in Diaspora on the achievements and aims of NRM Party is of great important to the Diaspora community.

NRM Diaspora League must do more to market the NRM Party to Ugandans in Diaspora in order to encourage them to invest more in their country and to create a major understanding between the party and Ugandans in Diaspora.

With the next General Election on the way proper awareness is needed to inform the Diaspora Community, what NRM Party stand for and by outlining the party achievements and aims.

It’s the work of NRM Diaspora League to market the party at all levels to Ugandans Communities in Diaspora.  That work must start now and proper debates are needed to engage the wider community in Diaspora.

The writer is a Youth Leader of NRM Diaspora League and Political Analyzer.

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