South Sudan

Uganda Denies UPDF Deaths in S.Sudan Gun Battle

The South Sudan rebel movement has vowed to release the pictures and identification cards of the Ugandan soldiers which they claimed to have killed in a fierce battle on Friday in Upper Nile capital of Malakal.

In a statement issued by the rebels on Saturday, this hospital the rebels said a female UPDF tank driver and male colleague were put out of action in the same battle that they claimed to have killed 400 to 500 government SPLA forces.

“To be included in the next press statement are pictures of some of the latest versions of AKM-47 assault rifles captured in the battles, case an ID of Ugandan Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) 1 female and 1 male Tank Drivers killed in action, viagra buy ” Brig Lul Koang.

“Once released, they would provide undeniable proofs that Uganda had heavily deployed forces in all the ten states of the Republic of South Sudan and that it’s not only confined to the protection of vital installations in Juba, Bor and Gadiang as previously reported or thought.”

UPDF, however, vehemently denied the charge before describing the rebel claims as “laughable.”

“That is totally laughable; there is no one of our officers missing in South Sudan,” said army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda.

“Since April, we have never engaged in any offensive with the rebels and all UPDF is mindful of the current peace talks going on in Ethiopia. We maintain our defensive positions in Juba and Bor and Dickens you are aware of that,” added Ankunda.

Uganda deployed some of the country’s finest commando units in South Sudan to guard President Salva Kiir’s presidency following an attempted coup in December 2013.


Heavy fighting broke out on Saturday morning in Doleib Hills and neighbouring areas which lasted the whole day. Both SPLA and rebels claimed victory.

Independent sources say both forces are controlling parts of Doleib Hills and fighting is still expected all parties want to take full control of the area.

“Following Government’s failed attempts to recapture SPLA’s (Opposition) controlled areas of Dolieb Hills, Zinc and Acheb-Nil on October 10, 2014 in Upper Nile State, our Gallant Forces under overall command of Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tangiye and under direct command of Maj. Gen. James MaborDhoal successfully repulsed the attackers and inflicted heavy casualties in terms of personnel and equipment,” said Koang.

SPLA officials said Maj. Gen. Johnson Olony visited Doleib Hills on Saturday to assess the military situation.

Juba claims more than 100 rebels were taken out of action when they attacked Doleib and that after their defeat, the rebels ran to old Pangak to hide there.

Peace talks between rebels and Juba resume next week in Ethiopia.

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