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Uganda Clarifies on Katatumba Pakistan Consulate Saga

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mofa) has cleared the air on the recent allegations by Angella Katatumba that she is the recognised Honorary Consul of Pakistan to Uganda.

When the High Commission of Pakistan in Nairobi, which supervises the Pakistan Consulate in Uganda, issued a statement distancing itself from Angella as their consul, the latter said the Commission was “trying to bully me”.

She claimed that Raza Bashir Tarar, the ambassador of Pakistan to Kenya had always fought her father, Boney Katatumba, whom she succeeded and that he had now transferred the differences to her.

But, according to a statement issued Monday by the Foreign Affairs ministry — that might not be the case.

Mofa in the statement consolidated what the Nairobi officials said, clarifying that “Mofa has never included Angella Katatumba on the Diplomatic List of Uganda.”

Mofia officials also said that Angella has “never presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, letters of credence from the Government of Pakistan appointing her Honorary Consul.”

When presented with that information Monday, Angella seemed not completely convinced, saying that mofa had given “me permission to act”, adding that the ministry has always “been inviting me to all government and diplomatic functions.”

In a rather non-satisfactory defence, she said that for her she was just an “acting” consul “waiting an official appointment by the Pakistan government.”


While on Sunday Angella told this website that she could continue performing her duties without consulting officials in Nairobi, mofa said that “The Government of Pakistan whose nearest Ambassador is in Nairobi has the last word on who is and who isn’t his country’s representative in Uganda.”

And the mofa statement emphasised that following the death of Mr Bonny Katatumba, “we received no notification from the appointing authority in Pakistan about who would replace him as their representative, thereby rendering the Consulate closed.”

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