Uganda at 57: Local Government Performance Assessment System Enhances Service Delivery

Government through the Office of the Prime minister (OPM) conducted and released the second Local Government Performance Assessment report (LGPA) for the financial year 2018/2019 indicating an improvement in performance and service delivery in most of the local governments recording an average performance of 65% compared to the first assessment result of 56% in 2017/2018

The assessment which was conducted between September and October 2018 in 144 of the 162 LG Votes (District and Municipal Local Governments) that were operational in FY 2018/19 ranked the best three performing districts namely Mityana 85% Bukedea %84 and Kiboga 82% districts and the 2 worst performing districts; Amolatar 29% and Buliisa 21%

“The average performance for all LGs in each of the 4 assessments was: 62% (improved from 56 % in the first LG PA) for the cross-cutting performance measures, 65% for education (improved from 56 % in the first LG PA), 66% for health (improved from 53% in the first LG PA and 67% for water (improved from 59% in the first LG PA. For the average combined score, the improvement was from 56 % to 65 %. For all assessments, most of the LGs were in the range of 40-70 points out of the maximum obtainable level of 100 points,” part of the report that was released last month states.

This year’s report was conducted under the theme “industrialization for job creation and shared prosperity” from September to October 2018.

The 2018 LGPA is the second edition under the new framework of the Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer Reforms (IGFTR) introduced by Government to increase the adequacy, improve equity and ensure efficiency of LG financing. In regard to local Government, the focus is on ensuring that resources transferred are objectively distributed to finance local and National priorities and are duly accounted for.

According to officials from OPM, government of Uganda through the local government performance assessment system will continue to assess and reward local governments, ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) to ensure that government services trickle down to benefit citizens more so in the rural areas.

The main objectives of the assessment is to provide incentives to promote good practices in administration, resource management, accountability and service delivery, through rewarding and sanctioning good and bad performance practices respectively, to Contribute to the identification of LG functional gaps and needs to serve as a major input in the performance improvement (institutional strengthening) plans and strategies by the LGs a well as MDAs and lastly Contribute to the general LG Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system.

The assessment focuses on three dimensions of accountability and budget requirements, crosscutting and sector functional processes and systems for LGs and service delivery results in sectors of Education, Health and Water processes.


“Government will recognize MDAs and LGs for good performance, while those who need to improve will be advised accordingly. The stellar performers will be asked share their success factors so as to inspire others. Leaders, including politicians and accounting officers from MDAs & LGs that perform poorly will be required to provide explanations.”

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