Uganda Airlines an Investment to Support Economic Growth – CAA

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Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has said the reestablishment of the national career, Uganda Airlines is not meant just for profit making but to support Uganda’s economic growth by boosting different sectors.

Speaking Monday at the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) extraordinary plenary session in Munyonyo, Dr.David Kakuba, the CAA Managing Director said Ugandans must not look at the airline only from that perspective.

Dr.David Kakuba MD CAA Uganda addressing journalists on Monday  at Speke Resort Munyonyo

“The airline should be equated to physical infrastructure like a road on the ground; only that this is infrastructure in the air,” he said.

“When you get a road like Kampala to Katuna,I don’t think that you can calculate immediately the profit it’s going to plough back to you, but it has multiplier effects and at the end of the day, there will be total contributions to the economic growth.”

Kakuba revealed that though Government will be investing money in the airline, Uganda Airlines will be mainly focusing on multiplier effects such as creating a hub at Entebbe, boosting tourism, among others.

Delegates pose for a group photo

In terms of Tourism, Kakuba said the airline will directly promote the sector, by for instance including Ugandan documentaries in the in-flight entertainment.

He thus urged all Ugandans to own Uganda Airlines so as to see all its benefits.



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