Uganda: 530 Health Workers Have So Far Contracted Covid-19, 6 Succumbed to It

After months of endless sacrifices by the health workers in containing the spread of Covid-19, treating the patients and even taking on burial arrangements of those who lost the battle to the pandemic, many of them have also contracted the virus while some have succumbed to it.

It goes without saying that the people on the front line are the heroes and heroines as per saving people’s lives is concerned, and as such, the Ministry of Health officials, led by the Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng have applauded the health workers for their role in Covid-19 response.

“Allow me applaud the frontline health workers for their commitment, hard work and resilience to save lives of people who have been infected by COVID-19,” she said.

Dr Aceng confirmed that 530 health workers have so far been infected with this disease from 60 districts across the country while 6 have succumbed to covid-19, as per the Ministry of Health data.

However, upon Ministry of Health’s investigations, it was discovered that the health workers who got infected with Covid-19 acquired the virus from within their communities.

“Majority of the health worker infections did not seem to have originated from the hospital setting but from the communities within which they reside,” Aceng confirmed.

Uganda is currently at phase 4 of the pandemic which is characterised by community transmissions.

“28 districts are already in this phase, while the rest are slowly progressing to it. It is therefore pertinent that we implement measures that are specific to phase 4,” Dr Aceng advised.


Health workers are therefore encouraged to wear their protective gear, stay alert and handle patients with much suspicion.


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