UCI: New Radiotherapy Machine to be Installed this Month

The Uganda Cancer Institute is undertaking arrangements for the installation of a new radiotherapy machine.

The Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy machine, authorities said, will be installed this month, August 2020 upon the arrival of the engineering team, in the auxiliary building which is behind the six-level inpatient complex.

Dr. Jackson Orem, the Executive Director of Uganda Cancer Institute said that this will function as the Central Inpatient facility. The building will also house a nuclear medicine facility that will aid patient diagnosis processes.

Upon completion, Dr. Orem said, the facility will save patients the burden of seeking Nuclear Medicine services abroad such as PET/CT, as they will access them at the cancer institute at Mulago.

Dr Orem, however, noted that the facility needs some other equipment and therefore called for partners to facilitate and support the cause.

“We are actively seeking partners to enable us equip this facility,” he said.

As many institutions were affected by the emergence of covid-19, Dr Orem said that they did not experience a lot of setbacks as they were well prepared.

“We had stocked enough cancer medicines and by the time covid-19 came, we were prepared. That’s the reason why you don’t hear us cry about lack of medications. Even now, we have a good stock of anti-cancers that can last us a whole year so that shouldn’t be the reason as why people are not coming to seek treatment,” he stated.


Weighing in on how the situation has been; treating cancer amid the prevailing Covid-19, Orem said that sensitization on wearing masks and following all health guidelines among staff and the patients at the facility has been of great importance.

“Cancer patients, due to their low immunity are prone to covid-19 and therefore must be protected from getting the infection,” Dr. Orem said.

He also hinted on their plan to improve and expand service delivery at the Institute.

“In the next Financial Year, we intend to improve on our infrastructure, training our staff and provide the best services,” he said.

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