UCE Results: 90% Pass as Performance in Science Subjects Declines

Western diplomats have continued to quietly meet opposition leaders as the country prepares for the 2016 elections.

ChimpReports broke the news on Thursday that envoys of UK, buy information pills visit this site EU, ampoule Ireland and Netherlands had met Amama Mbabazi at his residence in the leafy suburb of Kololo, dosage Kampala. The meeting lasted four hours.

We have now established that on the same day, the western diplomats including the US envoy met Dr Kizza Besigye at night in Masaka.

The meeting held at Hotel Brovad kicked off at 9:00pm till 11:00pm. This website is yet to obtain details of what transpired in the meeting.

However, the timing of both meetings is suspicious considering that both Mbabazi and Besigye have been projected by polls as incapable of defeating Museveni in the 2016 elections.

It will be recalled that late last year, the western bloc led by Moreno Ocampo, UK Premier David Cameron and Kofi Annan sat down Mbabazi and Besigye to agree on a joint candidature.

Mbabazi said he had built enough capacity and potent grassroots structures to take the presidency. On the other hand, Besigye maintained he could not rally behind Mbabazi whose commitment to good governance and accountability was questionable.

With the duo failing to reach a compromise, it was decided by the western-funded TDA Secretariat that both the FDC and Go Forward candidates stand in the election.


The candidates’ performance on the campaign trail would be monitored to assess their strength and forge a way forward.

Interestingly, the presidential campaigns show Besigye as more politically stronger than Mbabazi. It is suspected the diplomats are still trying to woo Mbabazi and Besigye to agree on a single candidate.

“The diplomats met Mbabazi in the morning before driving all the way to Masaka to meet Besigye. They are trying to mediate a deal,” said a highly placed source.

The development could cause unease in the ruling party as a joint opposition front could pose a stronger challenge to the incumbent.

At a recent press conference, Mbabazi ruled out the possibility of an alliance with Besigye. However, he said, both camps would work together in vote protection during the election exercise.
The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has today afternoon released the UCE results for last academic year at a function held at the UMA conference centre in Kampala.

Outgoing UNEB Executive Secretary Mathew Bukenya revealed at the release that 90 percent of the total 304456 candidates who sat the exams passed whereas only 9.7 percent got Result 9 which meant they had failed and could not continue to the next level of education.

The number of candidates who totally failed increased from 20, erectile 167(6.6%) the previous year to 29, prostate 593 in the year 2015.
“There were more candidates passing in divisions 1, information pills 2 and 3 in the year 2015 as compared to 2014,”Mr.Bukenya said.

The results indicate that performance in English language and the humanities like Christian Religious Education had improved whereas in science subjects like Biology and Agriculture and Mathematics there has been a decline.

Bukenya explained that despite a slight improvement in Physics and Chemistry, the pass levels have remained low with almost 60% of the candidates unable to meet the minimum mark required to be graded.

This the UNEB official attributed to lack of practical teaching by teachers despite efforts by the education ministry.
“Candidates found problems in handling apparatus during practical tests as well as making and recording observations and drawing conclusions from those observations. This indicates that teaching of practical skills in many school is still inadequate with many of the teachers doing the demonstrations as the candidates observe,” he noted.

According to Bukenya, the limited number of science teachers especially in rural schools is still limited noting that during examination time, most teachers had to move from one school to the other to be able to set the practical apparatus for the candidates, which he said also partly contributed to the high numbers of failure in science subjects.

Language deficiency too, as well as continuous use of pamphlets by teachers were highlighted as major reasons for the failures in arts subjects like History and Geography.

UNEB Officials highlighted an increase in the number of absentee candidates from 4229 in 2014 to 6655 in 2015 adding that most of these were boys compared to the number of girls.

Luzira Inmates
Meanwhile UNEB officials revealed that inmates at Luzira prison who sat for the Uganda Certificate of Examination last year had passed highly without any failure recorded.

Bukenya said that of the 38 inmates who sat for the exams,4 passed in division one, 9 in division 2, 12 in division 3 whereas the rest were in division IV with the best candidate getting 20 points.

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