UCE 2019: Minister Janet Cautions Teachers Who Rush To Cover Syllabus

While releasing 2019 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) results at the office of the President in Kampala on Friday, Minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni expressed deep concern over many teachers who she said teach a 4-year syllabus in 3 years skipping some topics.

The minister was responding to issues raised earlier by UNEB Executive Secretary Dan Odong who said that teachers are made to cover the syllabus by the end of senior three or latest by term one of Senior 4.

“The result is that some topics are either skipped or lightly dealt with and learners miss out the basic principles,” Odong earlier said.

Janet as a result noted that teachers and Head Teachers need to be sensitized to understand that the entire curriculum is designed to be finished.

“There is a very unfortunate development in the teaching process in many schools. The curriculum of 4 years is taught in 3 years. Teachers run through curriculum content and skip some topics.”

“Teachers teach at awkward hours like 6 am in the morning and late in the evening,” said Janet.

She also expressed concern over teachers who give students a lot of homework which makes students have little time to study.

Subject Performance


In the released results, in English language, candidates failed Report writing with many writing letters or minutes of a meeting.

Odong said many had problems in composition writing, summarizing a passage and interpretation of passages and contextual meaning of words in a passage.

“In sciences, examiners reported improvement in the skill of connection of electrical circuits and taking measurements of voltage and current in physics,” said Odong.

He added that candidates experienced problems in handling of apparatus during practical tests as well as making and recording observations and drawing conclusions from those observations.

In Humanity subjects, Odong said that apart from a problem of language deficiency, candidates showed evidence of spotting.

“Where a question is phrased differently, many candidates set their own questions and provide answers as per the spotted topic. Candidates do not give relevant examples or draw sketch maps to illustrate their answers.”

“In Christian Religious Education (CRE), candidates display poor knowledge of the Bible and application to everyday life,” Odong added.

Photos: UNEB chairperson Prof Mary Okwakol handing over 2019 UCE Results to Janet Museveni.

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