UCC Temporarily Blocks Rwandan Websites in Crackdown on ‘Hate Campaign’

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is taking firm action against websites and blogs run in Rwanda to promote what officials described as “hate” in Uganda.

On Wednesday night, dozens of Rwandan sites were blocked by UCC.

UCC spokesperson Ibrahim Bbosa said the regulator wrote to “a letter to the operators instructing them to block the sites.”

This comes just weeks after a Rwandan propaganda site posted a scathing article, questioning Museveni’s nationality and attacking his departed mother Esteeri Kokundeka and brother Gen Salim Saleh.

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Both Ugandans and Rwandans took to social media platforms Twitter and Facebook to condemn the article, with many saying it was meant to further damage the relations of the two countries.

UCC Executive Director Eng Godfrey Mutabazi told ChimpReports today that the blocked sites were victims of a crackdown on promoters of hate campaigns in Uganda.

“The hate campaign sites were blocked. It was not necessarily Rwanda media,” said Mutabazi.

The UCC boss further revealed he contacted Rwandan authorities to about his actions.


“Yes, I spoke to the Rwanda regulator last night and in view of the Angola accord we shall lift the blockade and hopefully the hate campaign will stop,” he emphasised.

He was referring to the agreement signed by President Museveni and his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame on Angola on Wednesday to normalize the two countries’ relations.

Officials in Kampala say one of the main obstacles for restoring Uganda’s relations with Rwanda has been the latter’s propaganda.

“The Rwandans abuse Museveni and his family almost on a daily basis on Twitter, Facebook and websites. How do you make peace with some you are abusing relentlessly,” asked a diplomat who preferred anonymity to speak freely.

The most notorious sites include The New Times, Virunga Post,, Rushyashya.

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