UCC Sensitizes The Nation To Fight Poor E- Waste Management

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is currently undertaking different measures to ensure that Uganda does not become a victim of electronic waste management hazard.

The Commission has in the past months carried out different sensitization initiatives to create awareness among the public on dangers of poor disposal of e-waste ,and pushed for better management.

According to UCC, although Uganda has in place a committee, policies and strategies on proper management of e-waste, there is still poor sensitization on disposal and the existing dangers.

“We want to create awareness among the public. A lot of people do not know what happens to the computers and other electronics when they get over used,” Ankunda Pamela, the Commission’s Spokesperson said  in an interview.

Ankunda also noted that Uganda still lacks an e-waste management facility for collection, storage, recycling and incarnation.

“There is need for open dumping and burning of these electronics which  has created both environmental and health hazards,” she said.

According to Ankunda, UCC is working hard to strengthen partnerships with stakeholders, on both local and regional levels on  e-waste management initiatives and strategies.

“We want to inform the public on proper management of communications equipment and making sure that operators adhere to the licensing requirements that call for proper management,” she said.


According to UCC, the proliferation of ICT equipment, devices and the high rate of obsolesce has led to an increase in the rate of generation of e-waste.


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