UCC Defends Self in Sim Card Registration Case

The Uganda Communications Commission has given its defence in a case filed by a group of activists seeking a halt to the ongoing sim card registration exercise.

In their response filed Wednesday morning, ask UCC lawyers argue that the National ID is a superior identification document capturing all biometrics and personal identification particulars done at the local level.

“The Registration of Persons Act enacted in March 2015 made the registration for National ID cards mandatory, unhealthy ” UCC says in their response.

“The National Identification Number was therefore made mandatory for sim card registration services.”

UCC says they are aware that a passport is a travel document whose issuance requires one to have first got a National Identification Number under the Registration of Persons Act.

“We have however, health received numerous complaints from security organs about the use of forged and unavailable identification documents by subscribers during registration of sim cards,” says the communications regulator citing police and ISO as some of the complainants.

“Use of forged and unverifiable identification documents is hindering investigations and detection of very serious crimes like murder and terrorism.”

According to the regulator, granting an interim order halting the registration exercise and verification of sim cards will prevent law enforcement organs from investigating and detecting serious crimes.

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