UCC Boss Mutabazi Irked by ‘Foreign’ Social Media

Uganda Communication Commission Executive Director Eng. Godfrey Mutabazi has said that despite the Ugandan media being one of the most liberalized, try he feels irked by some people who misuse social media platforms.

Mutabazi who was speaking during the National Association of Broadcasters’ Annual General Meeting on Thursday at Hotel Africana in Kampala said it is disheartening to see people trading insults and unfounded allegations using social media yet this ought to be a platform for proper communication.

“Uganda was the first country in Africa to liberalize the media but people insult each other on social media and the only way to regulate social media when misused is to close it because those companies are not based here, viagra buy ” Mutabazi said.

The UCC Executive Director however said there is need of independence by the country so as to be able to crackdown on whoever misuses social media but said this can only be possible if the country gets its own social media platforms.

“Facebook or twitter is all based in America and if the only way to stop misuse is through going to America to tell the judges about it then we are in danger. People here are so excited about new technology and the freedom of speech given to them but this is spoiling our brothers and sisters.”

“The solution is through encouraging innovation. Instead of focusing on facebook and twitter which are foreign, we need to encourage innovation and create our own platforms,” Mutabazi urged.

He noted that if the country can create its own platforms, there can be independence and regulations citing Kenya which he said is trying to do something of the similar to social media.

Mutabazi however urged media houses to always be professional in the way they disseminate information to the public or else they risk losing trust from their audience adding that Uganda Communications Commission will at all times try to ensure they comply with the required standards.


“You may employ the comedians and other people with good voices but they should be professional,” he advised.

The National Association of Broadcasters’ chairman and NBS television CEO Mr. Kin Kariisa said that media ought to have some guidelines to follow or else it would become a nuisance to the public.

“Some people use these media houses to abuse others which needs everyone in the industry to come together to streamline and create standards,” Kariisa noted.

“We need to work together as stakeholders to give people the content they want or else we risk sinking  so low to become jokers and mediocres.”

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